Friday, April 30, 2010

The Rock & Roll(ing Tides)

The Rock & Rolling Tides Of Time
by Imran Anwar

There It Is! The Rock!
Shiny Old New Full Moon,
Rising Up, Again So Soon.
But Never Dull, Not Routine,
This Bright Uplifting Scene.
As Long Day's Wait Finally Ends
Towards A Heavy Night It Tends.
Gravity Pulls, What Matters?
Silently Lifts Bay's Dark Waters
Mass Of Land Had Held At Bay.

Roaring, Rolling, Tides Of Time
Quite Quiet, But Still Won't Stay
Raising Weighty Water's Tides.
Higher, Higher The Marker Rides
Highest, Highest I've Ever Seen,
Rising, Tiptoeing, To Tips Of Toes,
Tide Ripples, Time Flows.
Standing Still, Moon Above,
Insignificant I, Perched Upon
Imran Marina Finger Dock.

Words & Photo © 2010 IMRAN

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