Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Terrorism Monster Godzilla In House Of God, God's Villa

The Faisal Mosque (in memory of the only pious King of modern Saudi Arabia, the assassinated Shah Faisal) on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, is among the largest houses of God in the world.

Just like the symmetry of the photograph above, the ironic similarity, rhyming and conceptual congruence between God's Villa and the monster Godzilla is intended to raise awareness, not to offend. It is up to us to have religious faiths in our lives to be better people, but also to stay involved in who and how someone speaks for our religions.

This is true regardless of what religion we practice, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or other, non-monotheistic, religions, like Hinduism, etc. Without educated, sensible and intelligent people staying involved, religions can be hijacked, and God's Villa overtaken by the monster Godzilla of fanaticism, intolerance and terror.

So help me, God, to save the houses of God, from the actions of the Satanic, verses of hate-preaching and the No-SoulMan's Rush2Die and kill innocent children and people going to school or to prayer.

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