Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fire Water. Liquid Gold. Comet Alley View?

Before you accuse me of doing HDR work or clicking some random effects in PhotoShop, hear me out! LOL

It was a frigid day when I walked out to the beach to capture the sunset. My fingers were near frozen and (still being too lazy to read what all the buttons on my Nikon D300 do) I simply was squeezing and twisting buttons on it. ( Others from that day will be posted later).

As they say, "Given enough monkeys with enough typewriters at least one can produce the complete works of William Shakespeare..."

Fortunately, Shakespeare did not take pictures.

This photo may not win any awards but the over-saturated looking, somewhat overexposed yet nearly unreal reflections of the burning sky set the perfectly still water on fire.

The melting comet-like iced-rock on my beach and the unreal reflections around it simply added to the drama of the moment with melting Gold dust seeming to reflect on the ice. That of course made me insert my first French-word play pun in the title. :-)

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