Monday, April 12, 2010

Atop Foggy Bottom, Steamy Spirits Rise

Atop Foggy Bottom
by Imran Anwar

Hazy halos hovering low,
Hi, says cold steaming fog.
Silky shimmering, soft swirling,
Slinky, steamy, soulless spirits,
Densely ethereal dervishes
Dancing devils of heavy air
Alight darkly, walking on water
Collapsing, out of misty breath
Into another's unreal nothingness
Silently screaming, seeking solace
Dazed, drunken, doomed...
Moisture-laden dying ghosts.

Words & Image © 2010 IMRAN
iPhone 3GS photo in drizzle & fog, framed & overlaid with text effect. Note the steamy figures rising from the water.

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