Sunday, October 23, 2005

Patently Getting Beaten Black & Blue(berry)

Reuters reports that Research in Motion Ltd. moved closer on Friday to an injunction that could halt U.S. sales of its popular BlackBerry wireless device after it lost a bid to suspend a patent case against it.

(I like to think that) I am an inventor. :-) So, I do see the value and need of patents. But, without commenting on the specific validity of this particular case, I do think the USPTO is issuing so many frivolous, duplicate, incorrect and incredibly broad patents that only lawyers must be happy. They make fees writing the absurd patents, and then make money challenging them and then make more money when cases go to court.

I think the USPTO should get a patent on how to issue frivolous, obvious, non-novel or overly broad patents that will eventually harm all industries, especially technology.

That's just IN MY HUMBLE OPINION. What do you think?


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