Monday, October 17, 2005

God, please help these people evolve!

First things first. As a (not so great) Muslim, I do believe in God. And, yes, even though I believe that evolution is a force at work, I also believe that there is some higher power that shaped us to be intelligent creatures. So, I am not your typical religion-bashing Evolution-touting scientist.

That being said, I do NOT believe that "Intelligent Design" has any place being taught in SCIENCE classes as some fanatic and fundamentalist religious folks are pushing for.

Yahoo's message boards have a great thread going on about this. One particularly interesting one is a response by someone (senafrancais) very eloquently and intelligently responding to one such ID poster... a 43 year old male, as I am. :-)

The original poster ventured:
>>>In this age of intellectual and technological advancements, why should we NOT allow our students to hear other theories on creation? Why must it be 'religion' to propose that there is something smarter and bigger at play?<<<

to which senafrancais (43/M) replied:
[SIGH] OK, for the billionth time....the scientific method requires anyone to support their claims with EVIDENCE. If you can't show evidence to support your arguments, then it CANNOT be taught in science class. Beliefs in a "higher power" are simply that - BELIEFS. They are not facts, nor can they be proven with any physical evidence.

I had to respond, one, in appreciation for senafrancais (whom I do not know) and, two, to add one more aspect.... that is:

I would just add one more word to the mix.... people are talking about Intelligent Design as a Theory, which, as you said, is really about Beliefs... the additional word they need to know is HYPOTHESIS. So, if they BELIEVE there is Intelligent Design at work, they can and should be welcome to HYPOTHESIZE (spelling?) that some great power is shaping our beings... (and is also responsible for our cancers and pains and evil aspects).... THEN, if they can show some PROOFS, then they can talk about ID as a THEORY.... and then they should be welcome in the classroom. Otherwise, I hope God's intelligent design will help these people evolve to be less of a threat to what makes America a great place to live for everyone... the separation of a majority's religious beliefs from every day life for everyone. Amen/Aameen.

Just In My Humble Opinion.... What do you think?


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