Tuesday, October 18, 2005

2Buy/Not2Buy: Sony Ericsson P990

Comment on Sony Ericsson P990 Camera Phone PDA WiFi Handheld:

My brother (who will start posting to his own blog any YEAR now) and I have a Sony Ericsson P900 & P910.

I still LOVE the P900 as one of the coolest gadgets ever. and chose not to move up to the 910 because the 910 had a lousy numeric keypad compared to the P900. I see that in the P990 SE has decided to bring the P900 style numeric keypad instead of the P910 type. Enough said on that.

They seem to have done the WORST disservice to users by moving the P910's keyboard from the inside flip portion onto the screen area, reducing significantly the beauty and usability of the screen, compared to the P900, on which I can literally view full web pages on Opera.

The P900 and 910 had PATHETIC cameras so this P990's camera enhancement is good, but still not enough to make me leave my P900. Yes, WiFI is useful, but I already have that on my Nokia 9500 Communicator.

I HATE Nokia (even as a one time unhappy shareholder) as a designer of low performing SLOOOOOW CPU based phones, but for keyboard, decent camera and WiFi the 9500 is more than enough for my needs. Its mini-laptop size makes it larger than the P900 but typing on it is so great, it is worth carrying around.

So, dear buyer, if you intend to spend $1200 on the P990, be VERY sure you are using it for LOTS and LOTS of WiFi based TYPING applications, otherwise the smaller screen makes it much less usable (at least to me) than the now old but still great P900.

That's just IN MY HUMBLE OPINION. Comments welcome.


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