Monday, February 10, 2014

From (Frozen) Sea To (Shining) Sea - IMRAN™

It is always an incredible sight when huge bodies of water like the Great South Bay on Long Island, New York, freeze over after several days of frigid winter weather.

The sandy beach at my home in New York then turns into a stunning spectacle of frozen snow dunes, and toffee like layers of cracked ice sheets, glittering in the fiery glow of the falling sun.

With new snowy weather approaching in clouds heavy with moisture doing their best to cover the scene, even the overexposed sky’s white colors look like an inverted snow mountain in the heavens.

The amazing sight is to see the brilliant colors of the sun reflected on the ice as if they were reflecting on still water.

The golden reeds to the right and the brown but still living pine trees to the left frame this 180 degree handheld Windows Phone Lumia 1020 panorama.

© 2014 IMRAN

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