Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Falling On (Out)Siders - IMRAN™


Snow Falling On (Out)Siders.

Much that I would love to be in Florida when New York is facing blizzards, I also choose to savor whatever life offers. 

Whether a twist of fate or a turn of luck, a change of seasons or changes in people.

I choose to believe in celebrating the unique experiences, good and bad, of my life, knowing, just like no two snowflakes falling on me right now are alike, no one else could have lived my life, and savored it the way God created it uniquely, exclusively for me, if I did not take the good with the bad. 

That is why I do not forever dwell on the storms I faced, but cherish surviving them stronger than before.

I will not cry for something lost or tossed aside, but I will celebrate something new found in something old and abandoned. 

I will, God willing, always choose, and believe, that my wildest dreams are not even a fraction of what God will bless me with, no matter what rain, or hail, or sleet, or snow falls on my path of life. 

The journey is the reward, no matter what final destination God blesses me to get to.

So, hold my hand, and know, no matter how slippery, dark, dangerous and twisted the path, every step will be an adventure to savor, and every mile will be a destination to celebrate along the way… 

Come with me… 

Imran Anwar
Long Island, NY
9 February 2014

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