Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Old M(e)n And The Sea

The title was inspired by the Hemingway novella, The Old Man And The Sea.

As passengers on the cruise ship began to wake and disembark at the first port of call, the somewhat disappointing Samana, in the Dominican Republic, I went to the upper decks to capture some images with the pocket Nikon S6.

These two old men, sitting in their boat, waiting for the ferries to arrive for the ship passengers, looked like an amazing sight on their own. When it feels we are all alone on the sea of life, it is a blessing to have a good friend be there.

The early morning bright sun caused their colorful reflections to float on the sea of blue, of the sea, surrounding them. The white edges at the top of the picture are clouds reflecting on the Caribbean sea. It was interesting how the shirt of one man matched the water and the other's orange/red shirt matched the inside colors of their boat. See it larger.

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