Friday, January 22, 2010

Flying By, Days Of Our Lives, Melting Into Sunsets

This photo I took reminded me of this most moving picture I captured one year ago - when too I caught 2 birds flying away past a sunset, soon after I lost my beloved father.

You will appreciate that image, and sentiment, a lot when you click the link above to view it, especially if you cherish your parents.

This one was a reminder of how we fly by the moments that make up our lives and how the days of our lives melt into sunsets of yesterdays that, moments ago, were our todays. Dad is now gone over one year, Mom coming up on 18 years (b. 12/25/1942, d. 2/2/1992). Too soon. Too soon. Also check this stunning image of 2 birds in front of the sun.

Make the best of the time you have, as I too resolve to do so.

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