Monday, May 15, 2006

No Opportunity To Destroy USA Left Behind

It just seems impossible to believe that there is not a single opportunity to destroy American values, American justice and America’s way of life that the George Bush administration misses. Think about it. What makes the USA America, what makes us Americans? It’s more than the color of our flag or passport.

There are many answers, and the scary thing is, George W. Bush is presiding over the destruction of each and every thing that makes us and our nation AMERICA. The World Trade Center was a symbol of our economic might – and it was destroyed because Bush and his team ignored the many warning signs even our own people were waving even on September 10, 2001. Even as the towers were on fire, Bush was sitting with a deer in headlights look, reading children’s books.

Our economy’s strength is another thing that contributes to us being America, that the world looks up to. What has kept us consumer buying things was the seemingly endless rise in values of our homes and that is coming to an end. But the price of my home and your apartment is not what made us an economic powerhouse. What made us the envy of the business world was our having career opportunities for almost every one in our great nation. Blue, white, black or whatever color your collar was, America was the place to make a career in it.

Now most of the jobs that make our economy tick, from engineers to doctors, to customer service reps to manufacturing, are all exported, to Mexico, India, Philippines, and other places. All our people are left with are jobs like flipping burgers – and those are going to ILLEGAL immigrants coming in and putting even more downward pressure on wages of the middle class. During this time, oil companies have made RECORD profits, while we are paying through the nose – and wait til summer comes or if we start another war, then we’ll have a nosebleed. But, Bush seems content to watch Exxon type companies pay the CEO almost One BILLION Dollars WHILE his administration gives these companies even more tax breaks!

But more importantly, what made America THE United States of AMERICA, that the WHOLE world looked up to, and even enemies could grudgingly admire, was our Constitution, our RIGHTS as citizens of a free country, with the government kept in check.

Now another Bush lie was exposed. They were not just illegally wiretapping a few hundred or a few thousand phone calls without court orders, they have been tracking and spying on EACH and EVERY ONE of us and our phone calls. Wake up people – EACH ONE OF US is a SUSPECT as far as Bush is concerned. And EACH and EVERY phone call we make to ANYONE even within OUR nation is something the government is SPYING on. ILLEGALLY. Without a court order.

AND, the MILTARY man who was heading up this illegal wiretapping is the one Bush wants to make head of the civilian agency the CIA. My friends, I was born and came here from a country that only had military dictators almost all its history, Pakistan. And, what you are seeing is the start of a process. No, I am not crying wolf. Mark my words, Big Brother is here, not only at your door, but actually inside your house, listening to every conversation.

Lastly, what made America great was our sets of values, from human freedom, to democracy, to treatment of prisoners, to the rule of law.

In just one day's newspapers, there are stories on how EACH ONE of these TRUE values that make this country AMERICA were violated just in the last 24 hours. EACH one of us is being SPIED on, we are continuing to support dictators in power, we are allowing our American taxpayer money to be used in the Middle East for F16s to drop bombs on innocent Palestinian civilians, the Bush government has refused the Red Cross once again even to SAY where many of the people our government arrested but never charged with a crime are being kept. And, the Bush government has not stopped torture of people it secretly holds.

All this, while Iraq turned into the next Afghanistan, the Taliban are BACK in Afghanistan, Bin Laden is still out there planning attacks, North Korea is ready to explode a bomb and Iran has learnt the same way of stalling the world. We’re damned if we let the Iranians have a bomb, and we’re screwed if we attack and oil hits $6 or more per gallon.

All I can pray for is that George W. Bush’s term of office comes to an end before he literally sets my country, your country, OUR country, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the beacon of values and freedom to the world, to become a dictatorship that fell so low that the Soviet ex-KGB head Putin can actually lecture US on human rights, law, freedom and values as a nation.

It may come as a surprise to many people that I had actually supported George W. Bush’s in his (later proven to be stolen) election over Al Gore. I had just felt that the Bill Clinton slickness would have tainted the White House so change would be good for the country. A folksy, down to earth, George Bush seemed the perfect answer. How wrong I was.

In the last election I was no fan of John Kerry, but felt that he at least would not destroy America as I was certain Bush and his team would do. Some of my friends thought that I was being paranoid – since no one in his right mind as President would do things to undermine what we are as a nation, what we stand for, what our values are.

It appears that even I did not know how bad things could get and many of my friends who disagreed with me, are literally actively praying for a fast end to this Bush administration’s time in office, before they completely destroy us, the USA, and America's future.


IMRAN™ said...

Thanks for the comment, and your disagreement is noted :-) BUT, here is why BUSH is responsible for SPECIFIC things. HE has used EXECUTIVE DECISION making to do or get things done. You ask for five thiings. Here are a few. He CHOSE to make the case for a war we did not need. He CHOSE to order spying on our phone calls. He CHOSE to LIE to us that DOMESTIC spying was NOT taking place when in fact He CHOSE to order DOMESTIC illegal SPYING on ALL of us. He CHOSE to (with Cheney) give NO BID contracts to a company (Haliburton) BEFORE Iraq was attacked. Only stupid corrupt dictator countries (like Pakistan, India, Iraq and now AMERICA) have such obvious corruption where a sitting head of state or Vice President's "ex" company gets all the contracts. He CHOSE to call himself the "DECIDER" (doh) who says HE makes the decisions... so, calling him responsible for bad decisions he INSISTS he made should not be a problem. Bush DECIDED and CHOSE to DO the illlegal and stupid things he did. Clinton CHOSE to get a Bl--job, Bush CHOSE to BLOW Iraq and give Haliburton the job to make money.


Anonymous said...

India had a dictator? since when? making hideous statements like that will turn off people from reading your propaganda and make you the laughing stock among other Internet bloggers.

IMRAN™ said...

One, you really need to read a little bit about figures of speech. Two, the casually written comment mentioned, though it's not terribly good grammar, "dictator countries" not dictators (which America has not had). Three, Indira Gandhi ran that country as a dictator for a while decades ago when she declared a state of emergency to protect her own interests. Four, please look up the meaning of "hideous". Five, other bloggers are welcome to draw their own conclusions, including laughing at my blog OR comments like yours. Thanks for reminding them.