Friday, May 05, 2006

(How Absurd) History Repeats Itself

When I was growing up in Pakistan, even as a teenager, I would be amused and often scratch my head at the way the Soviet Union’s evil communist fascist regime would spin the news and tell outright lies with a straight face. I used to wonder how stupid they must think the rest of the world was to actually believe them, or, how stupid they must be, or deluded, that they would actually think they could get away with such white lies.

If there is one thing history, even history of 20 years, teaches us, it is that history repeats itself. Twenty years after the deluded corrupt evil dictatorial fascist human rights violating aggressive country-invading Soviet Russians showed us how they spin the news, history repeated itself. Who can forget Baghdad Bob, or whatever the name was, of Saddam Hussain’s public relations official? This time it was the deluded corrupt evil dictatorial fascist human rights violating aggressive country-invading Iraqis showing us how they could spin the facts, actually expecting us to believe them.

The one thing I have to give the Bush Administration credit for is that they have sped up history. The Soviets and Baathists were so inefficient. It took twenty years from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the collapse of Saddam’s regime, and it took 20 years to see a repeat of the Soviet style propaganda and lying through the Saddam regime’s spokesperson. But, because so many of George Bush’s cronies are from big business, they have brought incredible efficiency to the business of …. Deluding people and Lying.

Instead of 20 years, in just about two years the world is witnessing what to them must appear to be the deluded corrupt evil dictatorial fascist human rights violating aggressive country-invading lies and public relations spin, but instead of fascist Soviets, or fascist Baathists, it is the fascist dictatorial regime of… the Bush administration.

Who can forget Dick Cheney going on national television, saying that the Iraqi insurgency was in its dying throes. I guess it depends on how we describe dying throes. According to the latest news report, our government says it is hot on the heels of Abu Zarqawi, the evil, murderous, terrorist in Iraq who is literally daring us to find him. And, the closest we got to him was finding an unedited tape of the video he recently released. So, we are hot on his heels. I guess that means his heels are in their dying throes.

In the next few months we might even get his ankles. A few more months, I am sure our administration will get his knees, even if they cannot get him on his knees.

Shame on Dick Cheney for showing us that the only people likely to get killed by this vice president are hunting buddies, not insurgents in Iraq or Taliban in Afghanistan.

Who can forget Bush saying that he was going to get Bin Laden dead or alive. Then who can forget him saying that he does not much care about catching Bin Laden. So, the man who killed and boasted of killing 3000 of our people on September 11, 2001 is not even a top priority for Bush and his administration, except the extra activity I notice in that search around elections in our country.

In the meantime, Bin Laden, sitting in cave, or a middle class living room somewhere ni Pakistan or Afghanistan, watching TV, making videos, continues, not only to taunt us, but to encourage others to attack us all while he continues to plan something bigger and worse than September 11.

Shame on George Bush to be sitting not knowing what to do while we were under attack on 9/11, and then sitting on his butt for four years waiting for the next attack to happen, while starting an illegal, unneeded and corrupt war in Iraq to enrich Haliburton.

Who can forget Donald Dumsfeld ridiculing those people who said Iraq was in chaos, in 2003, and then saying the same thing in 2006! Who can forget his insulting a professional and patriotic American General who had the audacity to tell the administration and the people that we were attacking Iraq with too few troops. That man served our nation all his life, and Rumsfeld and that evil neo-con Iraq war instigator who ran away to get another job Paul Wolfowitz, added insult to injury by boycotting the General’s retirement event.

Shame on Donald Rumsfeld, and Shame on Wolfowitz.

To continue this trend today’s news also report that John Bellinger, the American who heads the American delegation to the committee against torture, said allegations of U.S. abuse had become so exaggerated as to be "absurd." Seeing that the whole world has seen pictures of prisoner abuse at our hands, the fact that we cannot actually prosecute the actual September 11 planners in a court of law, because we continue to torture them, what is absurd is each one of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and now Bellinger each trying to outdo each other in how to make absurd claims, while keeping a straight face like Baghdad Bob.

Like a bad sequel to a bad movie, we did not have to wait 20 years, Bush & Co. are replaying that history of telling absurd stupid white lies just 3 years after we were laughing at the Iraqi propaganda minister. We know what happened to his regime and him, and we know what happened to the Soviet Union. Is that what we want to be the fate our great nation, the United States of America?

My fellow Americans, friends, readers, viewers and listeners… I know, it is funny the way I describe these incompetent people and it is amusing how I use puns and word play to make humorous comments on these issues. But here is the absurd tragedy. It is our administration, our government, our President George W. Bush, and his cronies, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and neo-con enemies of the United States who are putting us at greater risk. What do you think?


IMRAN™ said...

Let, for a few years now I have been saying on air and in different places that WE did or continue to strengthen the FIVE BIGGEST ENEMIES™ we will face in the next 10 years... "Miltant Muslims (we created it), Resurgent Russia, Communist China, Identity-seeking Indians, and Emergent Europeans/New Nazim". © Imran

Cheney is not addressing Russia as a "once and future enemy" but merely telling them he can push their buttons unless they support US policy against Iran.


Global American said...

Out of nowhere, I received an email from a Christian minister, forwarding an email that claimed "all Muslims are committed to jihad to kill Christians." Who is spreading this hate? This is the same garbage that has been pulled on blacks, now they are doing it to Muslims. If they read the Koran, they would find that Jesus is praised and so is the Virgin Mary...

So I emailed him to say the email he was forwarding was FALSE. I got a response indicating he didn't think so. So I am now going to connect him to a leading black minister who has been involved in interfaith events with both Muslims and Jews --to set him straight.

Bottom line: Ignorance remains alive and well in the U.S. Where are our national leaders condemning religious bigotry? I ran for Congress against one of them - Tom DeLay. One down - and a lot more to go....

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