Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dying Throes For Zarqawi's... HEELS?

News items report that the US is hot on the heels of Zarqawi in Iraq.

First the insurgency was in its dying throes according to Dick Cheney... what, like 3 years ago?

Now we are hot on the HEELS of Zarqawi -- who does not care if he is killed and is becoming obvious and more daring...

OK, but that is a major success for this administration. You got to start somewhere.

Today, if we get his HEELS, one day in the future we can hope to get his ankles...then some day his legs... and one day, his torso... Of course, by the time Bush leaves office, we'll still have a price on his missing head... I mean, Zarqawi's! (You can't put a price on Bush' missing brains....)

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