Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

A quick review of recent headlines brings to mind a very famous old movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

First, The Good. You know how outspoken and blunt I am in my criticism of the Zionist Israelis occupation of Palestine and their continuing to build illegal settlements, using US-provided fighter jets to drop bombs in civilian Palestinian neighborhoods, killing people without trials, and manipulating US foreign policy through a powerful Israeli lobby, while Israel actually SPIES on our nation. Sadly, many critics of Israel and the foolish way in which American politicians sell out our interests as Americans, to keep the Israeli lobby happy, are afraid to speak up, because criticism of Israel is always a sure way to be accused of anti-Semitism. So, some of those who give the knee-jerk reaction of anti-Semitism to any criticism of Israel, this will come as a surprise.

My award of The Good goes to Adam Zuckerman, the 18 year old Jewish high school student from Portland, Maine, who was written about in The New York Times. This young man has worked to raise six thousand dollars in support of a coalition to help protect the Muslim victims in Sudan’s Darfur region who are basically facing a kind of genocide at the hands of marauding Arab tribesmen.

Not only has Adam gone above and beyond what one would expect a Jewish American to do for a Muslim cause, he has gone above and beyond what many Muslims, in America and abroad, have done for this cause. His having the support of some Jewish rabbis and adults is also something to celebrate. Good work, Adam… God Bless You.

The award for The Bad goes to George Bush for his terrible handling of the war on terrorism. According to a news item reported in the New York Times in detail, and mentioned in other places and on my blog at www dot Imran dot com for months. George Bush was so busy congratulating himself on Mission Accomplished before things had even started getting really bad in Iraq, he lost sight of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is where we were SUPPOSED to be fighting the terrorists who attacked America, and searching for Bin Laden. Things have gone from bad to worse to so bad that the Taliban are actually resurgent. They are not only NOT on the defensive, they are actually on the offensive. They are actually marching about freely, assassinating people at will, and celebrating in advance of a US withdrawal from there soon.

My award this week for The Ugly would definitely go to that guy Johan Allen who calls himself John Allen Muhammad. He is the evil piece of human filth who had gone on a shooting spree as the Washington DC area sniper, with a teenaged accomplice. Showing how unbelievably slow and pathetic our system of justice is, these guys are still selecting jurors for his trial. I cannot believe it. For FOUR YEARS, this man and his accomplice are sitting, alive, well fed and sheltered at OUR tax payer expense, despite the clear cut case of them being guilty of evil, deliberate, killings of innocent human beings just for fun. Now, just like that other moron, terrorist, Zaccaharias Moussaui, this John Allen guy wanted to represent himself in court. And, do you know what he is complaining about? He is complaining about jurors being biased against him. Wow. He is alive and was not ripped to shreds the moment he was arrested, was not fed to dogs and pigs, as I would have recommended, without another circus of a trial.. and he is complaining about bias! Unbelievable and ugly. What do you think?


IMRAN™ said...

Hi Chase, what is so boring is the neo-con's applying unrelated analogies to try to divert from the fact that Bush and Cheney committed impeachable offences by lying to start a war. As I expect, the elections will reduce the Republican majority in one or both houses, and if the Dems have any courage they will seek impeachment and war crimes charges against Bush, Rumsfeld, etc. That will show America as a beacon of honesty and freedom more than Haliburton no-bid contract driven wars will.


PS If my logic is so boring, who is forcing you to read every page?

IMRAN™ said...