Friday, April 14, 2006

Do The Right Thing

I remember a Spike Lee movie called Do The Right Thing. I do not recall watching the movie, but I sure wish our President would know the title words from the movie, do the right thing. Unfortunately, we have the opposite problem. Not only is our government repeatedly failing to do the right things, it is going full speed doing the wrong things.

I am reminded of a saying I had heard. I think it was Yogi Berra who best described it when he said, “We’re lost but we’re making good time.”

That is what we have going on in Washington.

Bush says he cannot recall making a mistake. Condoleeza Rice one day admits to THOUSANDS of mistakes in Iraq. Rumsfeld talks to Bush, next day Condi Rice say, oh, I meant that figuratively speaking. Really?

Now we have a DAILY parade of American Army GENERALS who are pointing out how Donald Rumsfeld mismanaged everything.

The inept so-called Secretary of Defense has watched over us getting stuck in two different inhospitable places, Afghanistan and Iraq. We are there supposedly to get the guys who killed 3000 Americans on 9/11, including the Pentagon, while Rumsfeld was probably sitting having coffee in his office.

It was on his and Bush’s watch that terrorists were driving around in the USA prior to 9/11 and nothing was done. Bush was informed before 9/11 of such a possibility, nothing was done. 3000 Americans were killed by Bin Laden, nothing was done to focus and at least get that one man.Instead, under Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and this gang of incompetent people, US troops are STILL in Afghanistan. Cost $1 BILLION Per month. Americans still dying. Heroin production up. More of it heading our way.We attack IRAQ, no relation to Bin Laden. Cost $5 BILLION Per month.2400 more Americans dead. More Americans killed there in 2 weeks of April than all of March. Civil war on the way.North Korea makes nuclear weapons while Bush wrings his hands and his oil friends wring our necks with $36 BILLION profits and nothing's done.

Now Iran had a choice. Be like Iraq, do nothing, have no weapons, and be attacked, or be like North Korea, and make the bomb. Guess what they chose to do.... ?

Not only do they elect a psycho President, almost just like we did, he also boasts he can wipe Israel off the map AND has stood up to the world in refusing to stop making nukes.

It is on George W. Bush’s watch that we were attacked by AlQaeda, started the wrong war, more and more our jobs were outsourced, and, for a so-called Security President, he is awarding MORE nuclear technology to India, while India’s friend Iran and North Korea both become nuclear powers.They all know that the US can't send in troops and start a 3rd World War from that region and that the US does NOT have enough troops or patience in the American public for such a stunt.The US can't just bomb the place either. We would see a Pandora's Box of terrorism explode worldwide AND we would see the oil price shock wipe out our economic recovery. Keep in mind that long term interest rates also went up, meaning you and I will have to start paying more for loans and mortgages. That means housing prices that have kept the economy going will no longer be the economic engine we have been using them as.

Big companies are still not done laying off people. GM and Ford are not done losing money. AlQaeda is not done planning attacks on us.  So, Bin Laden must be sitting laughing in his cave. As I’ve said before, Bush makes the world so much safer - for Bin Laden.


Chris said...


I'm amazed how you could be so misled. You stated "It is on George W. Bush’s watch that we were attacked by AlQaeda."

War was declared on America by Islamic terrorists before Bush ever was voted to office. U.S. interests were hit by Al Qaeda before 9-11, including the WTC bombing in 1993. This war began in 1979; finally we have a President who is responding to the attacks.


IMRAN™ said...

Well, Chris, if you want me to be more specific. It was on Reagan's watch that your tax money was used to create AlQaeda under the guidance and work of George Bush Sr. It was on his lousy Presidential watch that we walked away from Afghanistan and it developed into a nursery for global terrorism. Clinton's watch saw AlQaeda get operational, but that attack on the WTC in 1993 was a micro-cell, not a full fledgded organization that has developed to attack and did attack USA on Bush-whacko's watch, while he was ignoring reports of impending attacks. It is on his watch that MORE terrorism has happened globally while MORE Americans have died on his watch than any recent President. Happy?