Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bin Laden Breathes, Berates US; Bush Bumbles

I have been writing about this for ages. And everyone with a brain and intelligemce has been saying it even louder than me... Bush has taken us so far on the wrong track, we'll be lucky to come out on the same continent, much less our actual destination.

Here's Bin Laden again, still alive, and apparently still able to make and send out recordings at will. His latest one is actually a demonstration of how well placed he is. The subject of the tape is the very recent set of events, the Hamas election in Palestine and the Israeli/American response to it.

In Bin Laden's latest tape supposedly out today, he is telling us WE are still under threat.... instead of HIM being on the run and afraid, he breathes on, berates us, and Bush bumbles around in Iraq and now Iran...

Bush makes the world safer...? For Bin Laden?

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