Sunday, April 16, 2006

ABC (TV) vs. ABC (GOV) - Rating The "Commander In Chief"s

What better topic for me to write about and for you to listen on the radio than TV!

The reason I say that was a whole bunch of TV related news items that caught my eye. It seems there are many political and social angles to everything on TV these days. Here’s what I mean.

It is funny how aggressive the supposedly fair and unbiased FBI was in only rounding up and deporting Muslims in the last four years, while other illegals can march around burning American flags. Well, that FBI is now seeking Muslim communities cooperation, by doing town hall style meetings on TV. They want to engage Muslims in America to expose terrorists among them. That is so smart. I cannot imagine a better way for Muslims to give out names of fellow Muslims they suspect of being terrorists or Alqaeda agents than going on national TV. I like it. Very subtle and sure to succeed.

Then there is a news item that the actress who plays that gothic looking character of Elvira is pitching a reality series to television companies about her search for a replacement to play that role in the years to come.

Here is my idea and you will love it. We have an administration pushing family values, we have our tax payer money going to bribe Arab journalists to print good lies about Bush and his attack on Iraq. The FBI that worked overtime to deport Muslims is now trying to engage Muslims while Elvira is trying to promote her character.

Why not make Elvira the character into a family based show, sort of like the Addams Family. Maybe call it Elvira and Elvirus where Elvira plays some sort of witch who falls in love with an Arab Muslim mad scientist Elvirus who is interested in weapons of mass destruction! And, they fall in love and instead he helps kill all Alqaeda people with a special virus he makes.

Think about it. It will save Elvira the character but kill Alqaeda cockroaches. It will bring Muslims closer to Americans and promote family values. Of course President Bush’s name will be in the credits – under Mission Accomplished.

If Elvira does not like this idea then my question is, why look for actors? Why not do a reality show about people who do this kind of stuff in reality? I mean, when I saw Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice at a recent event wearing, what looked like a used Darth Vader costume, it got me thinking. She would make a great Elvira because with Donald Rumsfeld she has great experience playing voodoo with the Geneva conventions, making prisoners disappear, making up facts and running houses of horror in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

I just saw in passing a news item saying the TV show with Geena Davis playing Commander in Chief, a woman President, had low ratings this season on the ABC network. That show was beaten out by Without A Trace, which, my guess is, must be a show about the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!

Here's my guess as to why Commander in Chief is fizzling on television. ABC TV can't even begin to match what the government version of ABC (Amazing Bush Circus) can provide in entertainment value.

How can ANY TV show, heck how can any TV NETWORK match the entertainment of watching Bush mismanage and diss/govern our rights/nation...

They offer everything.... Action (in Iraq), Drama (in White House), Court TV (in the Scooter Libby trial), Girls Gone Wild (with the Bush twins getting drunk), Religion (when Bush talks to Jesus before attacking Iraq), Simple Life (when President Bush hugs and kisses the Saudi King at Brokeback Ranch in Crawford Texas), Sports (with Bush playing Golf), Outdoors (with Dick Cheney shooting friends), Comedy (which is anytime Bush just opens his mouth to speak!)...

And no need to pay $49 a month... just $15000 per person of our taxpayer money per year, money being burnt in Iraq, covers everything. It's a great deal - if you are Haliburton and a friend of Bush/Cheney. And, if you call right now, we’ll also throw in $36 BILLION in profits for one oil company – and you only have to pay $3 per gallon. Call now, neo-cons are standing by!

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Right on, Imran, you are so very right. I heard your URL on one of your radio broadcasts. Cool site and great comments.