Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Death Penalty Taxes Bleeding Hearts. Or "Kill(ing) Me Softly...."?

These days, life is so full of.... death.

Muslims around the world are chanting death to America, and the Bush government is dishing out death to a whole country of Iraq and its population. Now Iran is on the death list of Bush. Iran says Death to Israel. Israel says Death to Hamas. Hamas and Alqaeda spread death from Palestine to Pakistan.

Even April 15, Tax Day, reminds us that death and taxes are all around us. People are crying listening to the recordings of people who died on September 11, 2001 and others are fighting over putting Zacharias Moussavi to death because he came to America to kill Americans..

We have deaths on the road, deaths in the home, and in schools, deaths on the street and even deaths in clubs and workplaces when nutjobs kill others before killing themselves.

Now, we have the case of that low life bouncer named Littlejohn who murdered a young girl he met at a bar, tortured, brutalized and literally gave her the most painful death he could imagine, but today's newspaper headlines are discussing how the death penalty for murderers like him and others is "cruel and unusual" punishment.

Frankly, this sickens me. That some people can be opposed to the death penalty for murderers like Littlejohn is so amazing, while these same people continue to go about their daily lives without batting an eyelid when people like him are murdering innocent victims. They do not bother to even raise a voice against the illegal wars started by our government and they have nothing to say when hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are killed in bombings and subsequent violence caused by Bush policies. But, talk about putting low life garbage, inhuman filth, like Littlejohn or other violent murderers to death and these people start losing sleep, get constipated and their conscience kicks into overdrive. Amazing, simply amazing.

It is unbelievable that there is now a debate going on about death by lethal injection as being cruel and unusual.

In reality, I love life, but I am so pro-death penalty for violent criminals and murderers you would think I was born in Texas. But I had always been opposed to death by lethal injection. It is unusual definitely, because we have a socitety more worried about how an evil, son of Satan, child killer or girl raping and killing, monster feels when he dies than about the pain, the suffering, the agony, the horror that these animals put their innocent victims through. That is why I also think lethal injection is cruel.. it is a cruel JOKE against the sense of justice, the pain and suffering of the poor murder victims.

In my humble opinion, the day someone decides to take another human life, in a wanton act of violence, rage, premeditated murder, during a crime, or otherwise, they give up their rights to life. And, they give up the right to be cry babies about feeling pain of an injection when in fact they had no problem cutting, stabbing, slashing, raping, sodomizing, beating, pummeling and slowly and painfully killing their victims.

Instead of these stupid debates about cruel and unusual punishments, we need to give these evil animals some simple choices. You killed someone in a violent and painful way. You have lost your right to live. You will be put to death. Here are your choices. You will be killed in exactly the same manner as you killed your victim, so you can feel what they felt.

Or, you will be put in an electric chair, maybe we will throw some water and gasoline to cool you down and then throw the switch, so you get a preview of the Hell you are going to. Or, we will give you a lethal injection.

I can bet you that in every single case, the biggest, most violent, most audacious, most unrepentant criminal will ask, no will beg to be given the lethal injection.

So, folks, enough of this pampering, pandering of people who are PURE evil. Society needs to wake up and see where it is headed. We have lawyers willing to defend the lowest of the low, where they can make excuses for their most violent acts, often blaming the victims and then crying about pain and suffering when it is their time to pay for their evil acts. If someone wants these animals to be kept alive in jail for 50 years at the expense of our tax money, let's make a deal. People opposed to the death penalty are welcome to donate more of their income to keeping murderers alive so the rest of us don't have to.

I think we should make the law very simple. You commit a violent crime and take someone's life, you will be killed in exactly the same manner as you killed your victim. We will hold the execution in a big stadium, and broadcast it on live TV or even better on Pay Per View. It will give you the fame and notoriety you were seeking, it will show other wannabe criminals what fate awaits them if they kill others and that would reduce crime in a big way. Lastly, the revenues from the TV broadcast or pay per view will go as restitution to the families of the victims. THAT, my friends, will be real justice.

But, if we can't have exactly what I want, at least let's kill --- let's kill this stupid idea of pampering murderers.

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darkstar said...

I think the only ones oppossed to the death penalty are those that haven't been personally affected by an act of horror committed to a family member or loved one...People seem to change quickly when it does...Of course there will always some religious nutjob that says he will still forgive...Fine, forgive him after he's dead...

What kills me(Pun alert!) is that they actual swab the condemned persons arm before putting the needle in for fear of infection!...LOL

IMRAN™ said...

I know, it's funny. Plus, if these people are so pro-life, aren't germs "LIFE" also? So, why kill the poor bacteria that did not kill anyone in that prison.


joyfulltc said...

Amen!! Maybe if the justice system started slaughtereing these murderers the way they have murdered their victims then the next time someone thinks about taking a life they will know what the consequences will be for them. I'm tired of MY tax dollars being spent on keeping these killers in jail. They get 3 meals a day, an education, and are "rehabilitated" all at MY expense. Wake up AMERICA! Seems like the criminals have more rights in today's society than their victims.

Anonymous said...

I worry that maybe the death penaalty is a paradox. The bible says 'an eye for an eye'...are those that kill condemned prisoners not also murderers? should they too be put to death?

IMRAN™ said...

What's the paradox? An executioner is doing a job, killing an enemy of the people much like a soldier also has to kill the enemy. He is not picking to kill someone for pleasure or lust or money or anger, but as a job society/country assign him.


Chase said...

The only paradox is as you pointed out, the pro-choice folks who want to kill innocent babies, but cannot stand the thought of a serial killer or rapist being put to death.

And again, amen to the topic and direction, but what war is an illegal war?

IMRAN™ said...

Good point, Chase, but there is a difference between killing a BABY and aborting a fetus. I am pro-LIFE of a baby, but pro-CHOICE for reasonable time frame abortions where its a woman's body and her choice, not yours or mine to tell her what to do. It is moronic for people to argue that "life begins at conception" meaning aborting a 4 or 16 cell embryo is murder. Stupid.

I would love to see how these mostly male conservative lawmakers would react if someone said human sperm is also LIFE, and anyone jerking off is guilty of genocide or mass murder!!

If a woman chooses to have an abortion in the first few weeks or 2-3 months, it is her right. If someone is doing abortions as a form of birth control that is terrible. If someone carries a baby for 8.5 months and then wants to abort, then, yes, I could side with the conservatives that this killing a child.

I have a very simple criteria to help decide when it is an abortion or when it is murder.... would the aborted fetus have had a burial and a grave if it had died naturally at that stage of pregnancy? If not, then it is not murder.

No one has a funeral when a woman miscarries at 3 months --- because it was not a human being, but a fetus that did not make it.


Chase said...

I am glad you are so all-knowing. Shall we build you a dias and robe you as is customary?

Personally, I believe that there is a spirit or life in all living things. I know many tree-hugging liberals would agree with me on that. Funny they don't give the fertilized egg of humankind the same respect.

That spirit in each living thing is what provides the energy of their life, of movement, growth, division....

Mankind is allowed and invited to join with our Creator in this very powerful act, that of creating life. It is a miracle each and every time. Or is it just biology, Imran? Either way, it is, or should be taken as something special. Unfortunately, most see only the more base side of things.

So, yes, while male sperm and female eggs are unto themselves powerless to change, grow, evolve into anything more than that which they are, once brought together, God's most wonderful and powerful creation is alive and progressing. The intentional disruption of that sends that spirit back to its Creator.

So, tell me again, how many specific minutes from conception or how many cells formed before funeral homes get involved?

So, for the feminist's cry about the invasion of her body, I go back to her irresponsible misuse and lack of forethought and self-control regarding the power she holds within. Her rights were to choose irresponsible sex, for whatever reason, and for putting herself in a time, place and situation or relationship that included sex before she and her partner were prepared to accept the consequences.

IMRAN™ said...

No, Chase, YOU tell us from your great intelligence and sense of what God wants, should ALL the families/women who have a miscarriage even of a 16 cell embryo, should they all have been having funerals for the embryos? So we should arrest them all for desecration of dead HUMANS each time an embryo gets washed down the toilet or a 3 month embryo is miscarried. Doh.


Chase said...

We suffered two miscarriages in our life. Don't you even go there....

Answer the question without asking another. THAT is the way liberal fanatics work conversations and avoid truth and light. You are a twisted piece of work. Columbia, you say? Journalist? I can add it up.....

Anonymous said...

hmmm, but that is just your opinion isn't it; take your god out of the equation for a minute.
and why not go there, you implied it, or do you differentiate between chance and deliberate action - or it god who differentiates, the god who set the spark of life into the embryo is the same god isn't it; without your god where is your ground?

IMRAN™ said...

Good point, Anonymous. Chase and his type seem to think THEY are the chosen ones who know just the right balance of what is right or wrong. Question their irrational arguments and they get mad. Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

I'm a little iffy with the death penalty and war in general, so I wonder, if the executioner isn't doing it for money, why isn't there a volunteer executioners club like firemen have? Does it really matter if they botch an execution if the person on the receiving end is supposed to die one way or another. Clean that needle, squirt out those air bubbles!

I do offer an interesting alternative for the death penalty. Brand the ten commandments on the criminals's buttocks and sociopaths and give them hannibal lector masks and straightjackets while they contribute to society by working telephones for bill collectors.

I'm pretty sure they've already tried this with success.

britj89 said...

I agree completely with your article except for one thing. You attack President Bush for starting an "illegal" war as you put it, but he was just doing something that you fully support. He was putting to justice all the murderers that killed thousands of your countrymen on 9/11. Let's not make yourself out to be a hypocrite now, because you really sound like an ass.

IMRAN™ said...

Ass, britj89? I think you are confusing me with our President. Perhaps, if you actually read newspapers or even watched TV OR even listened to Bush say: "What did Iraq have to do with 9/11? NOTHING!" I'd rather be mistaken for being a hypocrite than guarantee being a clueless idiot as you appear from your posting. Thanks for playing "What Did Iraq Have To Do With 9/11? For Dummies".


Anonymous said...


I was wondering: do you think women who have been raped are not allowed to have an abortion either? Since you seem to be so pro-life, do you consider it a sin if a raped girl chooses to have an abortion ? Do you think she should have the child so she can tell it when it grow up: 'your daddy was a rapist'?? You should really differentiate between people who are ready to have a baby and those who got pregnant without wanting it. You aren't a woman, so you don't get to say what women should do with their lives!

Anonymous said...

Disposing of sperm or an unfertilized egg is a case that is entirely different from disposing of an embryo. If a group of cells has the realistic potential to become an actual human being, than that is a human life - whether it is one week along or 9 months.

What doesn't make sense to me are then ones who are pro-life and pro-capital punishment. At least you're being consisent when you are pro-capital punishment and pro-choice. You're basically saying that you believe humans have a right to kill other humans for society-accepted reasons.

As for those of you who say that the only people who are against capital punishment are those who have never been affected by the issue; I disagree. My Aunt was on the plane that flew into the Pentagon (according to the official story) and if those hijackers (or who ever was repsonsible for it all) were to be living to day, like Osama, I would much rather have the person alive and in prison that being executed by the state. The state shouldn't kill people.

Plus, no one can really argue that there have never been innocent people put to death for crimes they didn't committ. Isn't that reason enough to outlaw capital punishment? How would you feel if you had been framed for a crime you didn't committ and you were to receive the death penalty?

Also, I am personally friends with a woman who was raped and was going to give her daughter up for adpotion (a wonderful option) and then chose to keep her. She has never regretted it. Her daughter is 18 now and is fully aware of background. Do you think she would rather be alive with a father who is not around, or not even had the chance to live at all?

IMRAN™ said...

James, thanks for an interesting comment. Happy New Year to you and all.

My question is simple. If an embryo, especially one of say 4 cells or even 4 weeks, why are there no FUNERALS for these embryos when a woman miscarries? Why do people generally go through a funeral for a dead unborn child only if the fetus was about 7-9 months?

Because by THAT stage the fetus could arguably be considered (by many people) to have become a "human being".

I would suggest that those who think embryos are human beings start donating money for funerals everytime any woman has a miscarriage. Otherwise, they should shut up about what is or is not a full fledged human being.

Most of the people dancing to the tunes of the far right and George W. Bush's anti-abortion agenda seem to dance with joy when bombs are being dropped and 100,000 Iraqis were getting killed. No one is pro-life for those full-fledged, living, human beings.

And, what a bullshit term "pro-life" is.. by that token anyone against the death penalty should also use the same moniker, and anyone who is a vegetarian opposed to killing animals should also be called pro-life.


Anonymous said...

Imran, I grew up learning that "Pro-Life" did mean all of that. To be pro-life was to be against abortion and the death penalty, to be against all wars, and to be vegetarian. It was only when I got to high school that I realized that most people mean pro-life only in relation to abortion, which is unfortunate. I am also sickened by those who celebrate the innocent killings of thousands across the globe.

As far as the funerals, most people that I know (and I'm Catholic) do have some sort of small private family gathering to honor the life that passed when a woman has a miscarriage.

I might also add that I don't think people can call themselves Christians when they are so eager to kill others through war - I think we're in agreement there.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that it makes no sense for people to support George W. Bush because of their views on abortion. I am against abortion, but I also realize that the law is not likely to be changed, and George Bush has done almost nothing about it. But we know when the 2008 presidential campaigns come out, we will hear so much about it, when it won't make a difference at all - it's just a conservative tactic.

IMRAN™ said...

James, you have my respect for your above two comments. I am honored to have you on this blog, whether we agree or not on other issues. Thank you.