Friday, September 01, 2023

(CAUTION) Sticking My Neck Out - (20 Hours After I Survived In A Cut-Throat World!) - IMRAN™

Caution, scary image of my face - fine, and a cleaned up 20-hours later view of the incision. That is the maybe 8-inches throat slit where the surgery was done through. I am only sharing it as people asked how it went. I did not post the one from soon after waking up because the cut looks fresh as if I got treated like John Wick. 
Honestly, I almost did not make it out alive. But God is kind, and the medical team was great. So, I am still here and you will have to continue to read my stories!
Life is clearly a cut-throat game. I am so grateful for the great medical professionals and technology, the employer provided great medical insurance, and the prayers of each and everyone who cares and loves me. Thank you.

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