Saturday, April 16, 2022

Cool Saturday Night Feverish Tampa Bay Waters After Hot Windy Day - IMRAN™

Cool Saturday Night Fever(ish) Tampa Bay Waters After Hot Windy Day - IMRAN™ 
Even though streaming platforms may not do it justice, this livestream is actually from my super awesome Nikon D850 camera, a gift of a beloved one for my birthday 2 years ago. Since the iPhone 13 Pro Max has such an awesome camera, and it is with me all the time, sometimes I do not get to use this Nikon (or even the now 15 years old D300) as much I would like. Today, as I saw a deep orange color form over the moody sky I decided to do this livestream with the Nikon D850 and it's 4K video. But for file size reasons I only recorded it at regular HD & H.264 compression. The wind-noise reduction is better on this .
It was a hot Saturday and the 90F felt hotter than usual a few hours ago. Now a strong wind, which makes it hard to be heard on camera, makes the temperature more pleasant but definitely not great for audio commentary. In either case, enjoy a spectacular Tampa Bay, Florida, boating sunset livestream with my German Shepherd Dogs, Kennedy and K2, at the dock of my blessed home this wonderful Saturday. Watch for the full moon too in the night sky! 
Missing the return of loved ones into my waiting arms in this corner of paradise soon.

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