Monday, March 26, 2012

Seas, Family, Droppin' Sun Ode To Swiss Family Robinson - IMRAN™

Many of you will recall the story of Swiss Family Robinson, shipwrecked on an island and having to face some tough challenges.

Because of a very complicated phase of my life in the last three years (in which I basically lost almost everything I had built and acquired,, I did not get a chance to return to Florida until recently. I had missed being in the Tiara, I believe the tallest building on sand, that housed the delightful second (third really if you count Lahore and New York) home I was blessed with having. But, for too many years I had not returned to the building, or even to the area.

Finally, I did, on March 13, 2012 . Taking this photo with the Nikon D300, from the balcony I took some gorgeous shots with my then delightful Nikon 5700 reminded me again why I love Palm Beach and Singer Island so much.

The stunning colors of the water, changing shdes of blue in front of your eyes, changing hues as passing clouds and time of day change light conditions.

As I focused my camera to about 500 feet below and away from my balcony, I noticed how the sun, setting behind my shoulder was casting a reddish glow on the already rich toned skins of this family… hopefully not facing the challenges of Swiss Family Robinson and instead making this moment one of Seas, Family, Droppin' Sun!

I am certain you will love the moment as much as I did.

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