Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Childish Posturing By Pakistan & USA Endangers Both

Obama says, Pakistan Review of Ties Should Respect US Security Needs http://j.mp/HcIIEt . Pakistan's lawmakers (and many civilians want to blow off the USA.

Both postures are dumb.

Karachi (soon followed by Pakistan) went on the path of self-destruction when it could have been the next Hong Kong and Dubai combined.

That was done by the vile dictator Zia setting up the murderous MQM, instigating religious intolerance, terrorism and ethnic strife that was rare in Pakistan in the 1970s.

It is silly of Obama and the US lawmakers to ask Pakistan to decide their policies based on US security concerns when the US blows off Pakistan's security concerns. Ignoring Kashmir is one of the worst moves Obama made (not that previous presidents did anything on that topic).

It is also dumb of Pakistan to expect to remain a basket case economy, torn by strife and domestic issues, and be surprised the US did not take it into consideration in killing the repulsive killer Osama Bin Laden.

Both countries need to be slapped into waking up and dealing with the issues like adult states, not pouting teenagers.

Imran Anwar

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