Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sure Rocky Shore Rocks For Sure - IMRAN™

This is one of the most interesting, spectacular and delightful places I have ever traveled to. The Baths, at Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands are a wonder of nature. What was likely an eruption of red molten rock from the earth, is one of the bluest of blue places I have ever seen.

The rocks, like pebbles strewn in sand, line this area of caves, nooks and crannies, to steal a kiss, or more in, for lovers seeking virgin spots to leave their mark.

The rocks in the middle of the picture almost made me title this photo in memory of the statutes of Easter Island and the rocks at Stonehenge -- StonesUnHinged. I'll hang on to that title in my mind for another photo more suitable for it.

I hope you get to savor some of these sweet spots made for lovers, for love, for passion, without ration.

Let's rock on, my beautiful friends and lovers past, present, and near future.

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