Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Need Lots Of Green For Diamond Encrusted Gold — IMRAN™

My 31st Photo to make it in Flickr Explore on April 6, 2011!

This mid-June photo on a fairly hot day was suprising to me in many ways. One was how bright and clear that day was at a time of year when hazy and humid is more common.

Next was how much of the dew was still on the flowers in direct sunlight despite it being nearly Noon.

Lastly, what was amazing was the tiny diamond like specks of water droplet reflections shimmering and shining like jewles encrusted in a gold leaf.

As you know, you need lots of green (money) to buy so many diamonds encrusted in Gold. But, this moment was free by the blessings of God, despite it being the toughest ever financial phase of my life.

Even if you have nothing, or are about to lose everything, take a walk - and see the wealth, the jewels, the treasures God still blesses you, and us, with that we are lucky enough to be alive to enjoy.

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