Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eyes Froze On Rose With Sense Of Sensual Unfurl

SOOC Image Straight Out Of Camera!! NO editing, tweaking, of ANY kind. Only framed in Photoshop & saved ~14MB Nikon RAW image as a 5MB JPG.

It's everywhere I see. It's everywhere I imagine. It's everywhere I touch. It's everywhere I feel. A sense of sensuality.

Lovers wrapped beneath white silky sheets in the dark of night, or in the open broad daylight vision of lust as pink petals unfurl against sheaths of green splendor in the grass.

My eyes froze on this stunning rose in my flower bed in a spectacular Summer afternoon at home. The luscious pink petals parting like the lips of an inviting Lolita, making the stem and bud beneath it rise, responding to the lust of life, to push up, seeming to bend its tip around the lower petals of the budding rose.

Is it only me? Or, does sensuality not drip from every moment of this stunning life and world around us?

© 2010 IMRAN

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