Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Impossible Is Nothing: Sailboat Sailors' Masts Support Solar Mass

This sunset to the side of my house, silhouetting my neighbor's home and the mast of my sailboat next to others, was an interesting contrast of solid colors, themes, ideas and visual & verbal imagery.

It seemed as if the masts' as black rods were levitating a white hot solar mass floating above them, in a red hot sky on a cool November evening.

As I reflect at Dawn on this bright image of dark silhouettes of Sunset one year ago, I am reminded of the power of miracles. Surreal events in our life that can make the impossible become possible. Guaranteed things that we take for granted that do not transpire. Such is the magic of life. Such is the drama of living.

All we can do is live every day, knowing, believing, that Nothing Is Impossible.

And, Impossible Is Nothing.

© 2009-2010 IMRAN

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