Sunday, February 28, 2010

400 Sunsets Fly By. Farewell, Father

Time eternally flows on and on.
Taking with it beloved people,
Favorite places, precious lives.
Leaving in its turbulent wake,
Memories, smiles, seas of tears.
Savor and never ever forget,
Love, smiles, time, joy we get,
Before they fly forever, forever.

How fast 400 days went since I lost you, my beloved father. Yet, each felt like a century of sorrow. A lifetime of smiles and blessings you gave.

Now you and Ami have flown together, to heaven, forever. As tears roll down my face, I promise, I will not forget and will pray and love you both to my dying day, Abu.

Farewell, Father.

No processing was done to this image's colors. See bird more clearly slightly larger

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