Thursday, September 14, 2006

Five Years Zero Results

I had been travelling extensively the last few weeks, so I missed most of the hand-wringing, emotional, heart-tugging documentaries, news reports, Presidential "speech" and other useless activities on TV. Useless, totally useless, as far as learning any real lessons from September 11, 2001. The events of that day were politicized, being used for election-related grandstanding, yet FIVE YEARS later, Osama/Usama Bin Laden is still alive and well, active and busy, and not only showing videotapes of his meeting the 9/11 hijackers but even planning and exhorting Muslims to carry out more attacks. George Bush, Five Years, Zero Results, Greater Threats, All Around. Feel safer?


Anonymous said...

Feel safer? Hell no. I also feel stinkier -- thanks to the internationally-practiced ban on bringing any packed liquid, lotion or paste material onboard airplanes. My dream rehab program for both Bin Laden and Bush is to microsize them and have them live together as dust mites in an unwashed armpit.

Smurf said...

Wow. I had been traveling a lot lately. I was directed to the TV when I was at a friend's house. Osama may not dead, and our airlines may be a pain to get on and off of... but they are trying. I think as Americans (Now i know you aren't originally from here) but I think that because we are free and spoiled we tend to be over harsh with dishing out the judgements and the criticism. In reality things may not be safe... but we still live in a great country.

As I type this, all these things start flashing through my mind actually about lots of things in the US that make me feel very unsafe and insecure. Crittenden County Arkansas is where my little brother was trapped for a short period of time. The nickname is Crooked county, its because of all the crooked things that happen there and how corrupt it is there. To tell you one example, a particular judge there that is very openly prejudice. The Black people get three times the sentencing as the white people there and its common knowledge. ANyways... this judge got drunk and ran over and killed a little girl. He only spent the weekend in jail. Some people tried to expose his shady ways and they were murdered.

I could go on and on with our own internal problems that are left neglected... its very complicated. I think we need to have the defense out there and keep our military prepared and ready, but we need to focus a little more internally with problems we have on our own soil, with our own citizens.

IMRAN™ said...

Absolutely, Smurf, it IS a great place to live, and that is why it is essential to speak up before these Christalinists and Neo-CONs, and Bushies DESTROY what makes us American AND make us un-safer every day.


Anonymous said...

So according to your muslim theory,because of christians and conservatives we feel un safe not by islamic radicals who actually kills people based on the teacings of Mohammed huh? what a great rational thinker you are.For a change why can't you publish some one's comment who disagrees with you.If you can please answer this question.Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman ?.My humble opinion here is islam is the worst thing happened to the world than any other disasters.

IMRAN™ said...

Thanks, Imran Farooq. Sadly, Americans are more worried about who will win American Idol than Bush killing American Ideals.

In reply to Prakash, Coming from a cow and monkey worshipper whose religion says an untouchable can be killed for touching a brahmin etc. and where a living widow has to BURN to DEATH with her dead Hindu huband's smelly body, this comment was a good dash of humor. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Guys, guys, guys...go easy on the references to the negatives in a particular religion, will you? We're all human, we err horribly and get smelly armpits from time to time.

Prakash: Once upon a time my own beloved religion--Catholicism-- was either supportive of, or directly responsible for, the deaths of countless non-Catholics and non-Christians across the planet, across the centuries. Yes, you could say it was one of the greatest disasters ever inflicted on humanity. Just think: this is the same religion whose clerics and followers today tolerate being standard fodder for thousands of stand-up comedians around the modern world. How the world turns! My point is that people decide how a religion will be like in practice, or how compassionate they can be. You can't blame religion; blame the people. To proclaim a particular religion as a disaster would be missing the point.

Imran (Anwar): Haven't things changed in India -- like, at least 60 years ago if not more? If I remember right, it is a crime in India to force / allow a Hindu widow to immolate herself on her dead husband's funeral pyre, or for a former Brahmin to kill a former untouchable (I say "former" because the caste system has been officially abolished). And if old habits still persist underground, at least try crediting modern India (and Hinduism) for attempting to change itself.

Zhinker said...

"Sadly, Americans are more worried about who will win American Idol than Bush killing American Ideals."

That's unfortunatly very true. I hadn't quite grasped the extent of this problem until my room mate told me that he doesn't pay attention to the news because he think's "it's too depressing" and would rather watch more pleasing progams on TV.

Anonymous said...

Pakrash, what on earth is running through your brain??? I'm no muslim and I can name a few hundred billion things on earth worse than Islam (Number one being that nutcase lording about the world from the White House), even though it wouldn't be my choice religion. Seriously, before you start insulting Muslims, you might want to have a practice run at Hinduism, where you worship steaks and kill anyone who touches them.