Monday, September 25, 2006

No Apology From Pope, But Here Are Some Good First Steps

As I wrote previously, the Pope did not offer an honest or direct apology to Muslims, but at least his meeting with the Ambassadors of Muslim countries was a step in the right direction. Dialog, even with an intellectually dishonest man, is slightly better than fanatics on two sides throwing bombs and rockets at each other. The question is, what is the dialog going to be about? It's not the Pope raining bombs and invading Muslim countries, and it's not the Imam of Kaaba sending suicide bombers to kill innocent children.

What these two religious leaderships can do is declare that:

a) crusading invaders like evil AND stupid George W. Bush are going to Hell,
b) murderous evil cunning people like Bin Laden are going to Hell,
c) killing 40,000 people in a country to make Haliburton rich is EVIL,
d) blowing up civilians with suicide bombs is EVI,
e) arming a Zionazi tyrant Israeli government to kill people in Lebanon and practice a new holocaust on Palestinians is EVIL,
f) letting Arab-backed tribes kill people in Darfur Sudan is EVIL
g) protecting pedophile priests is EVIL
h) protecting CIA torture-masters is EVIL
i) defending Zionazi Israelis keeping Palestinians under Occupation is EVIL

The list could go on, but this would be a good start... I wonder, what would Jesus do? What do you think?


Spared said...

You seem to have overlooked that Pakistan knowing where Bin laden was and playing both sides of the fence is Evil.

IMRAN™ said...

Really? So you know that they know? So why not ask Bush to ask his selected dictator Musharaff to give up Bin Laden? Musharaff is no religious leader, he is a self-styled playboy who likes his wine and women. Why would Bush be protecting him if he is hiding Bin Laden?

And, what Pakistani Muslim is so stupid as to give up a $50 MILLION reward? My fellow Pakistanis and Muslims have sold out the whole country and nation for lots less.


Anonymous said...

Dear Imran:

Thanks for posting this latest blog. Yup, your list of evil is dead-on right. If Jesus was walking among us today he'd give a live press-con on CNN / BBC / Al-Jazeera / etc. to enumerate all of that, and then some. (And then of course he'd get killed as scheduled. Some things about speaking for truth don't change, sigh.)

IMRAN™ said...

Sad, but true, my dear friend, Frances.


Anonymous said...

May God do ultimate justice to all the innocent victims and to the evil doers as well.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, now we're moving into religion.

First of all, I'm NOT a great believer in any God, because if he's up there at all, he's making a right old mess of things (why can't he just remove that Satanist piece of (censored) in the White House?).

Concerning Zionazi Israel, I'd say that those types had better watch out for themselves. I'm not a Nazi freak or a Palestinian militant, but at the moment, Israel's playing right into their hands. Before long you'll have that lot saying, "Ok guys, Israel's getting to big for its boots again" and doing something mad there (remember that the main reason our dear friend (may he rot in hell) Bin Laden is attacking the US is SUPPOSED to be Israel).

As a comment to that fine country's leaders, why on earth did you invade Lebanon anyway? Two kidnapped soldiers? No, you simply wanted to make a statement to the Arab world that you were a force to be contended with. Well, tough luck, my little Israelis, but there are more clever ways of doing that rather then having the entire world condemn you

IMRAN™ said...

Very good comment, especially Anonymous 2 above. Actually, I am surprised you would not use your name, your opinions are reasoned and reasonable, and nothing to hide from.