Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What if.....?

The media has reported George Bush supporter, fundamentalist Christian extremist preacher, Pat Robertson's calls to assassinate the President of Venezuela.

How ironic. It made me wonder, "What If...?"

Had it been a Muslim bearded religious extremist murderer Taliban cleric like Mullah Omar or even some fundamentalist Jewish terrorist settler rabbi, who had called for taking out the American President then this guy Pat Robertson would have been preaching against "those" religions of hate.

Shame on George "Duh" Bush for not even having the morals (or intelligence) to speak out against Robertson's ugly message..... probably because Robertson DOES speak for Bush.... well, actually even a retard like Robertson speaks a lot more clearly than Bush does. ;-)

If you disagree, feel free to comment.

9/10/2005 1020 PM: (Since this posting the outcry has made that Christian fundamentalist terrorism inciting figure to back down from his dumb statements, more for PR than for genuine change of heart).

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