Saturday, September 10, 2005

With Great Failure Comes Great Reward

At no time in history have I seen a President publicly praise so many obvious and abject failures.

Even worse, the harder they fail/fall, the higher they go in George Bush' book.... ooooops, sorry, I used Book and Bush in the same sentence.

Look at some recent examples of failures and the "punishment" they gave. Why can't we all get jobs like these?

Person /Failure/Punishment/Result

- W Bush / War On Terror, Iraq, North Korea / Actually Elected President this time / We are hated AND at more risk

- Bolton / Nuclear Nonproliferation, Diplomacy / UN Ambassador / Laughing stock, face to sink a thousand ships

- Brownie / Katarina / Back to DC instead of in unemployment line / Thousands dead, even more devastated

- Roberts / Can't Differentiate Legal Work and Lobbying / CHIEF Justice nomination / Farewell Constitution.

What do you think?

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