Tuesday, August 23, 2005

If The Iraq Adventure Is Like World War II...

If, as George Bush thinks, his Iraq adventure is like World War II, then I wonder:

- How many days was FDR on vacation then?
- Was the biggest news story a missing teen in Aruba?
- Were most Americans discussing American Idol?
- Were movie or music stars visting troops or dancing on SUVs outside a courthouse?

Yeah, sure, I can see we are in the middle of World War III. But we can sleep well at night simply because our combat-avoiding Commander in Chief George Bush is SO hard at work.... playing Golf AND taking more vacations than any President in HISTORY.

Good Night.... We'll chat about Michael Jackson and American Idol in the morning.... Zzzzzzz....

1 comment:

IMRAN™ said...

Honestly, after seeing what Bush can do at "work", I think we should all pray he ONLY stays on vacation before he sets the whole world on the course to WWIII.