Sunday, July 04, 2021

Winds (Of) Change (On) Tampa Bay Florida - IMRAN™ (Timelapse Music Video)

Winds (Of) Change (On) Tampa Bay Florida - IMRAN™
(Timelapse Music Video)
Yes, wordplay intended. Winds of Change are all around Tampa Bay, Florida. And, yes, see the winds change ON Tampa Bay, and see how the winds change Tampa Bay waters' colors, textures, waves, and moods.
This was supposed to be a longer dramatic music video but a timer setting error meant it was only recorded as a 2.5-seconds timelapse. That is too short to post anywhere. So I slowed it down a little bit. That makes it 7-8 seconds so a little less shockingly twister-like as the original short recording is.
But you can see the drama. You can literally see the invisible wind visibly change right in front of your eyes. Watch the clouds initially swirl and twist perpendicular to the usual shape of twisters. See how they stretch along the East-West line but travel south to north.
But then, within seconds even in real-time, a massive shift in wind occurs and the clouds head towards the house and head east. Watch again just to see how the palm trees indicate the brute force of the shift. Dramatic nature!
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