Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Gorgeous Caribbean Waters At George Town, Cayman Islands Rocky Shoreline - IMRAN™

Gorgeous Caribbean Waters At George Town, Cayman Islands Rocky Shoreline - IMRAN™
My then-GF "K" had taken me on a 4th of July holiday weekend trip to the Cayman Islands. It had been planned for my birthday a month or so earlier. 
It was summer 2013. It was hot. It was the Caribbean. It was quite beautiful. I do have to admit, the Cayman Islands are not quite as exciting or beautiful to me as the Virgin Islands, or especially places like Eleuthera, also in the Caribbean. 
This trip ended up being a lot more drama than it was worth at the time. Fortunately, it accelerated my decision to clear my life of unneeded drama on returning to the USA. However, I savor my great memories. 
Regardless of how happy I can be to be rid of a few specific people in my life, I do always cherish the (good) memories and experiences we shared. Life is too short to erase those joyful experiences just because the persons with me at those times were not worthy of being kept next to me.  
So, despite the too frequent bursts of drama, and my literally almost taking an early flight home, we did have some good times. We spent a lot of time exploring the shoreline of Grand Cayman. 
During a long walk exploring the nooks and crannies off South Church Street, George Town, we found many beautiful spots to make memories, including this magical rocky place. Smith's Barcadere sandy beach was a good place to go snorkeling, as well as swimming in the absolutely stunning blue shades of water that surrounded the area. Very few people were around. 
This is an old 3D camera video so the quality is not that great. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do to block out the irritating background sound. I did not want to kill the full audio of this clip because the sounds of water are always part of the magic of seeing a sea or ocean video. After all, it is just like having to tolerate negative people even during an amazingly positive happy blessed life!

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