Sunday, October 20, 2019

Don't Think (And) You'll Live Forever! - IMRAN™

I will be honest. I have never dreamed of living forever. Life would be so boring. It would take away the drive to achieve what I can, to change the world (for the better) any way I can, to savor every moment of magic in nature, and every trembling moment of ecstacy with a beloved, if our lives on earth were not time-limited.
At the same time, it had always seemed ironic and tragic to me that some of the worst people on the planet lived the longest lives, especially horrendous politicians. Think Ghaffar Khan and Wali Khan in Pakistan, Dick Cheney in the USA, and many others around the planet.
In parallel, it seemed like the very country that the rest of the world's people spend their life savings to come for higher education, the United States, has become a place where people embrace ignorance and parents seem to prefer their kids to be future burger-flippers and sewer-cleaners rather than doctors, engineers, and more. People in the land that sent man to the moon now have to be convinced the earth is NOT flat, and that dinosaurs were not around at the time of Jesus, on a planet that is definitely older than 5000 years!
Meanwhile, in countries like Pakistan too, on the opposite end of the economic and religious spectrum, it is the illiterate, poverty stricken who also tend to have the most children. And the vile fundamentalists and terrorists, often funded by the Saudi-friends of Donald Trump and George W. Bush (not to mention Obama and all US presidents), are the ones who blow up children in schools, in the name of Islam. How doubly and horribly ironic and tragic that the VERY first word revealed to Prophet Muhammad was not Jihad, or prayers, or Mecca, or preach, but Iqra, ...READ!
NOW comes scientific research that... excuse my saying this... I F(*&ING hope AND pray is proven wrong.
"Excessive brain activity linked to a shorter life!" yells the Washington Post story about it.
Not only shall the evil type leaders continue to live longer lives, the stupid and brain-dead shall live longer and together the vile leading the morons shall inherit the earth. God help us all!

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1128 said...

Rest easy (or easier, at least). The study had no bearing on human cognitive ability. It was more focused on the molecular level of activity for a single neuron, whereas thought and cognition occur at the network level, with lots of neurons talking to each other.

Think of it this way. Is a conversation better when everyone is talking in turn, at a normal volume, or when everyone is shouting simultaneously? The latter is more active, it isn't more productive.