Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Explanations For Weirdest Reality Star (Not Trump!) In The Universe Acting Up On My Birthday! - IMRAN™

For those who do not know about this, there is a very strange star (in reality) out there. Well, in actuality there are millions we do not understand, but this one is special. It has wide and wild fluctuations in its brightness. It is named Tabby's Star for a scientist Tabetha S. Boyajian, who predicted it would act up, right at my birthday in May. Thank you Tabby and Tabbys's Star. :-)
There are some theories about it, including one that the light from the star if effected by some sort of solar panels aliens living there use to gather energy. That was too easy to not tie into the current state of our politics, reality TV guy in the White House, talk about aliens, and energy independence.
So I have some ideas on it.
I don't want to make Light of it.. ;-) but I am sure it is Barack Obama's people spying on Trump Towers. Bad. Very bad Dark humor? :-)
Otherwise is it just another Reality Star trying to steal the (orange/lime) light? :-)
But, seriously, to those who proposed some sort of solar panel array causing this, why would it not be static brightness or fluctuating on some sort of sinusoid cycle depending on reflection from the star/sun location in a rotational cycle, or even On/Off periodically?
Random needs for power generation are only likely if the aliens just use it for random things, e.g tailgate parties or camping out where they do not have a power grid. :-)
Whatever the explanation, it is going to be big, yuuuge, so bright, so so so bright, you will need shades.
But we don't want anything to do with those aliens who will want to immigrate here. We will stop them. We will build a Wall made from Oakley shades and cemented with sunscreen to keep them out!
Check out the Washington Post article. What are your ideas?

Imran Anwar
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