Friday, June 03, 2016

Cool Dolphin Chills & Swims Inverted Under Drone Overhead - IMRAN™

I am blessed to see these magical ceatures, beautiful dolphins, swim near my home and dock every day. I was flying my Phantom 4 to catch the sunset when I heard a dolphin's telltale sound, so I turned the drone around. Managing to frame the area where the ripples suggested it was, I was able to capture it on camera as it became visible. What fascinated me was how casually it seemed to be chilling and swimming inverted, then turning around to surface, and going back in sideways. I tried but could not risk dropping my brand new drone in the water trying to go lower to chase it while turning it 180 degrees or I would have loved watching and recording this fun creature a little longer. Enjoy! © 2016 IMRAN™

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