Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swan / Lake - IMRAN™

Swan / Lake - IMRAN™ by ImranAnwar
Swan / Lake - IMRAN™, a photo by ImranAnwar on Flickr.

I am just mixing up the style and subjects of photos I post here, as 2012 will shape up to be a year of major changes in my life.

I will have less time to post also, especially as I am traveling in Asia this quarter.

This is just an 'ordinary' shot compared to some of the wonderful landscapes and sunsets I have savored looking at and photographing. But this winter NY shot, on a murky brackish lake walking distance from my home, took longer to execute as the swan moved about.

I had to wait until it was perfectly framed within the hanging dead branches that would spring to life in Spring.

If you look closely you cn still see the reflection of the swan on the greenish gray water, and even see the tuft of grass hanging from it's beak.

I am posting this in the same Album (Gorgeous Greens) where I posted a photo of a swan on the same lake in lush green colors. I am not sure if it is the same swan wondering why I keep following it for so many years. :-)

I would love to have your feedback because I was not sure if I should post this shot. It had over 100+ Views on TwitPic where I test-posted it, so decided to try it here.

Let me know your thoughts, my friends. Best wishes from Pakistan...

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