Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 Reflections - IMRAN™

2011 Reflections - IMRAN™, originally uploaded by ImranAnwar.

1/1/11. All ones.

One more opportunity to focus on the number One priorities in life. To be the One you wanted to be. To live to the fullest the one life you've been given.

Mark my words. This year is over.

No, I am not kidding. It was hardly a few days ago when I was wishing you a Happy New Year 2010. Even though it was a difficult, in some ways tortuous, tumultuous and terrible year, it too flew by, like the many years of life.

Despite the challenges, the pain, the sorrows, the shocks, the twists of irony it smashed into life, it was one more blessed year of life, of health, of ambition, of strength, of courage, of resilience, of overcoming. And, it went by far too fast.

Don't let this new year do the same.

2011 is here. It started with 1/1/11 and gives you, me, all of us, every single opportunity to be all that we want to be, to achieve all we want to achieve, to live all we want to live.

Take One moment, to dwell on these reflections, 2011. Make it the brightest new day of the brightest life you can live.

© 2011 IMRAN

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