Monday, May 31, 2010

Jet. Blue. Moon. Light. Moon. Flight.

I love the moon & it's effect on us. I love flying. I love jets. I love blue. I love photography. I love words. I love combining them all.

Yet, despite thinking about it dozens of time, I've not made a concerted effort to capture one of those beautiful images when a plane crosses in front of the moon.

The early rising moon, visible at blue hour times the day after my birthday, was not full but the day was cooler than usual.

Sitting on my deck, I saw a jet high in the sky to my right reflecting the falling sunlight with shiny contrails.

I quickly stepped in to grab the Nikon D300 camera. No time to check settings. No time to swap to the 300mm (450mm equiv) lens. No time to change settings from JPG to RAW for a greater detail picture.

I simply shot a couple of quick images while managing to keep both plane and moon in the handheld shot at full 200mm (300mm equiv) zoom.

Air at that level must have had an upward flow, giving the jet's vapor trail an upward drift, giving it the look of a Japanese brush stroke.

With the pale bright moon and the shiny jet plane almost perfectly balanced in the bottom right and top left one-thirds points, I was happy to capture this moment, not Made In Japan. I had Jet. Blue. Moon. Light. Flight.

Jet Blue Moonlight Moonflight.

I hope to capture one closer to a full moon, with a 300/450mm lens on a tripod with camera RAW but can't predict when that will be.

© 2010 IMRAN

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