Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Send More US Troops Into Afghanistan?

Imran Anwar (IMRAN.TV / http://www.imran.com/media/blog/ ) raises very serious questions about the current situation in Afghanistan. Are more US troops the answer? If not, what is? Listen for the answer.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is a really well done webcast. Like you, I didn't think the Iraq war was a good idea. I suspect that it was fought to control the flow of oil. Without oil, some nations are incapable of waging long term "limited" war. (Think tanks, jets, etc.) They simply run out of gas. Unfortunately, this resulted in the proliferation of nuclear arms, or the desire for nuclear arms. (Think Iran, North Korea) I don't think the United States needs to send more troops to Afghanistan. I think there must be a concentrated effort made by multiple nations to truly settle this area. It would be great to have help from Russia, but that is not going to happen. It would take another heavy weight, like the United States, to settle Afghanistan. Nobody is willing to invest in Afghanistan as long as it is unstable. If you examine the prosperity of the United Arab Emerites you immediately see the advantages of maintaining a stable host nation for global businesses to invest. It is a powerful peaceful example of what the Arab world is capable of when they work together and stop fighting. The only political thing that the United States can do is stop the blind support for Israel. On many issues Israel is the primary incendiary and almost always do more harm than good. Many of us who used to be soldiers openly accuse Israel of being manipulative with regards to U.S. foreign policy. We will NOT be fighting a war in Iran for Israel. I do not have any hope for peace in the middle east anytime soon. In fact, I expect a larger scale war in which biological and chemical weapons are used against the Israelis. It is sad that there can't be any peace. Thanks for the invitation to comment.