Sunday, January 18, 2009

IMRAN.TV: (Urdu) "What Are People's Expectations From Obama?"

Imran Anwar, IMRAN.TV, New York, Local video feed clip of Urdu TV channel's question:

Q. What are people's expectations of President Barack Hussein Obama?

What is your opinion?

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Anonymous said...

The President the Media Made

I watched the Obama train ride. I watched his speeches of the last 2 days. I watched him speak of the Constitution and ask God’s blessing for us and our country. I watched him interact with his kids. I’ve watched him roll up his sleeves and paint and talk to people from all walks of life, and I’ve decided I like Barrack Obama. He seems like a genuinely nice person and a good family man and he seems to have a sincere love for our country.

I’ve also watched the mainstream news media say what a powerful person he is going to be as president, how he is going to undo all of the wrongs. How President Obama is going to kiss our boo boos and make everything better. How he is the first African American president in our history (Duh? Like we didn’t know this already?). One of the key things that the mainstream media is missing, and something Roland S. Martin said should have woke them all up, as much as I disagree with this guy, Martin said basically that the emphasis needs to be taken off of the fact that Obama is black, but that he is the MAN that the majority found to competent to hold the Office of President. And this has been the underlying message of the civil rights movement all along. It’s not supposed to be black or white thing, or Asian or Latino or any other minority. It’s an American thing. We were all taught that the USA was the Melting Pot of the World. Roland Martin was not the only prominent black to make this statement, I heard several others make similar statements. So let’s get the race issue behind us, let’s all recognize that there will always be fringe movements within every legitimate cause, that will try to screw things up for everybody.

Now back to Obama. As I said, I believe that Barrack Obama is great guy. I think the Mainstream Media has made public expectations entirely too high for what Obama can accomplish. Wolf Blitzer said it best, when he said that they would be watching Obama’s first 100 days very closely, as though to say, okay, we got you here, now do what we’ve told everyone you will do, if not we will hold your feet to the fire. I feel much empathy for President(-Elect) Obama. He has a seemingly insurmountable task before.him. And like President Bush, he will really have very little control of the outcome, and if he does then we as a people have screwed up by allowing our government to grow so powerful that we will be serving them.

As Joe Biden so eloquently misspoke last summer, I believe he (Obama) will be tested by an international crisis or incident within his first six months of office if not sooner. And I also believe that it will be the will and resolve of the American people to guide us through what ever comes our way. So if Obama truly has America’s best interest at heart, then we should support him. We’ll know more after the first 100 days, won’t we?

Thanks Imran,

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