Saturday, May 05, 2007

It Sure Ain't The Hilton, But It Sure Is A Hilton

Well, finally, some justice, even without the many ironies.

Our self-exposed air-headed heiress, Paris Hilton, is finally being treated like a simple citizen, instead of some cheap, slutty, version of "royal(pain in the arse)ty". Just like in the simple life of people in reality, who break the law and go to jail, The Simple Life reality-TV star broke the law, again, and is finally going to jail. Apparently a judge has finally done what some other judge should have done a long time ago --- thrown the book at her, and landed her rather puny butt in jail. Too bad it's only for 45 days.

Hilton, the heiress to the large hotel chain of the same name, will spend 45 days -- definitely without room service -- in a cell that is probably smaller than her pet's cage. She will get to watch TV, and if she's lucky she may catch reruns of her own show.

But, all jokes about being a guest of the state aside, there were two ironies. One was that the commercial advertisement on the Yahoo/AP page reporting how she cannot use a cell phone or Blackberry in jail was for a -- drum roll -- Blackberry 8800 device. And, two, what amazed me was this bit of information in the Associated Press news item reporting this "event".

Paris Hilton's mother, Kathy Hilton, is upset. Now, mind you, she is not upset at Paris Hilton for dragging the family's name through court (besides the mud with many of her sexcapades). She is not upset that her daughter had been arrested for drunk driving. She is not upset that her daughter had previously left the scene of (minor) traffic accident. She is, apparently, also not upset that her sweet little daughter chose to violate probation.

The honorable Kathy Hilton, whom one assumes Paris Hilton gets her "looks" AND her "moral values" from, is upset at the government for wasting tax payer money on this "nonsense".

The only non-sense I see in this whole episode is that Kathy Hilton actually THOUGHT this thought and then had the nerve, and poor sensibility, to state that "opinion". Perhaps she just wants her daughter to be out of jail making good old-fashioned porn videos like any good Hilton woman should. But that's just In My Humble Opinion. Can someone please ask Kathy Hilton?

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