Sunday, May 06, 2007

Shooting Down The Myth Of The "Crash" Of United 93

A media contact of mine emailed me a link (click above) to which had some video from two different news channels showing the crash site of United 9/11, the jet that had been hijacked by AlQaeda, and was supposedly crashed into the ground because of the heroic people on board. This is the same flight that, I believe, Donald Rumsfeld (or was it Dick Cheney) had accidentally let slip as the plane that was SHOT DOWN. No one in the media did anything to pursue that.

No one in the media seems to have pursued the angle shown in this dual clip from major news channels, which shows the crash site. No one seems to care.

Because 9/11 had taken on more of a World Trade Center and 3000 dead people angle, even I had forgotten these questions that had come to mind. I did not even recall something that this clip reminded me of... one of the reporters even says that the gouge in the ground is about 10 feet wide..... That is LESS than HALF of a jet plane cabin's width....

Since this jet supposedly crashed into a field, the same excuse cannot be used as was used to explain why there are no plane parts left at the Pentagon. That plane supposedly "vaporized" on impact with the stone building of the Pentagon. Where did the entire fuselage of United 93 go? Vaporized on impact with soft mud?

So, lets think about this.

- A whole 757 crashes (supposedly forced to crash and NOT blown up by a missile in mid-air).
- It was hijacked so as to be FULL of fuel (to do maximum damage to the building it was targeting).
- It was "crashed" not too long into its journey.

Yet, there was NO huge crater, NO plane wreckage, NO fuselage left, NO fire, NO smoke, NO smouldering debris.

In other words, there was NO way a plane full of fuel had crashed there.

The AlQaeda pilots did not "dump fuel" as pilots do when they come in for an emergency landing. The plane did not circle for hours to burn off fuel. The fuel would not only have set fire to everything, but the ground would be scorched. NOTHING of that type is seen. (See for yourself at the video link above.)

More than likely, United 93 was shot down.

Crass as it may sound, if that was our government's decision, I can understand it and I probably would have made the same decision. Sacrifice 30-40 people on a plane or risk having that plane hit a stadium full of 30-40,000 people? The decision, though sad, cannot even be that tough in the "greater scheme" of things.

To me, lying about it, making up stories of heroic people on board forcing the plane to crash, lying about not having shot it down, are stupid and dumb moves. These kinds of stupid coverups are what give rise to worse conspiracy theories. The survivors of the United 93 passengers would be sad - but they would understand. Their loved ones were going to die anyway --- either shot down or crashed or crashed and killing thousands more.

We owe it to the memory of all that died on 9/11, and our nation, that the truth come out. See the videos for yourself. What do you think?

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