Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How To Move Information From Apple Macintosh To Windows Mobile 5 PDA Or Smartphone

I am no expert (on anything, though I play one on TV on many topics :) ), but as much as I detest WINDOWS, I find Windows Mobile 5 to be the only platform that excited me since the Apple Newton. Palm always was and always will be brain dead to me, and now, it will soon just be dead. I have seen questions posted by people wondering how they can move information from their Mac based programs, like DayLite, StickyBrain, Text, Word, etc. to Windows Mobile 5 PDA or Smartphone devices. Here are some suggestions.

1. If you have a PC or have the ability to synch your WM5 with a PC, it should be easy enough to drag text notes from StickyBrain/Mac to Windows/ActiveSynch's folder for the device which you can carry with you on WM5.

2. I bought the Verizon 6700 phone PDA (mostly to use as a GPS/flying moving map with http://anywheremap.com ) that also has EV-DO and Skype as effective and clear on the road as on my broadband computers at home! On that device (esp. with a data plan) you can set up an email account, on Yahoo or something, that you can access from the PDA. Email text notes from StickyBrain to Mail to Yahoo/PDA and read them that way. Keep in mind, even more than simple text or formatted text as StickyBrain, this option also allows you to carry your Word/Excel document and use them on the PDA. Very cool.

3. If you do not want to splurge on the data plan (my T-Mobil unlimited data plan is just $20 a month and Verizon unlimited EV-DO plan is $45 a month) then you are still not out of luck. Most PDAs with WM5 now also have Wi-Fi. If you have an older Mac on your home network or can run a POP server on your own machine, then simply email the stuff to yourself at that server, and set up the PDA to pick up the emails from your own free (Eudora Internet Mail Server free version may still be out there somewhere) server over your own free WiFi.

4. PocketMac.Net and Mark/Space should be coming out with their WM5 Mac versions and that should give you some ability to transfer text notes to PDAs.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other ideas.


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