Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dumb & Dumber, Worst & Worster, WMD President

I read an interesting article by Charlie Cook in National Journal, on Presidential Politics. I had to comment on it, because it raises the serious concern of where we are headed in the quality of Presidential candidates... though, quite frankly, ANY man on the street would be better than George W. Bush.... the real WMD, "Worst Moron Decider™"** we have as President.

Charlie did a great analysis, and I responded along the following lines:

I came to America in 1989, and since then, it baffles and saddens me as to the constantly falling quality of people we elect or have to choose from. NOT ONE recent President has had all of these qualities: charisma, integrity, leadership, personality and vision.

We have gone from brilliant dishonest Clinton to dumb and "voice-hearing" Presidents. Hilary is hardly my vision of a President, nor is McCain stable enough for the position. It amazes me that a 2nd rate bigot, wannabe politician like Giuliani, (with associations with known CROOKS like Bernie Kerik) is considered a candidate.

I recall meeting Colin Powell back in 1996 and thinking THAT was one man I would have been proud to see as our President but he chickened out. Then came his sellout at the United Nations about Iraqi weapons, a sham full of lies. Now I would not hire him as a caddie. Who do you think would make good candidates? Let me know.


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Anonymous said...

I am no authority on politics however in my opinion I would enjoy having someone like Opra Winfrey as president. To me she is noble, honest, balanced in mind and spirit, well liked, charismatic, bold, a person of integrity, entertaining, enigmatic. The list goes on she to me would make an amazing first lady president and I know would win in a land slide against any man running for office. I am a female and white and I suspect 90% of the females in America would vote for her.