Monday, March 06, 2006

Why Bush Gave Nuclear Technology To India

President Bush has sided with India and chosen to provide it nuclear technology for several important reasons.

1. India always sides with the Russians in the past, with Iran these days, and against the USA in global forums. How better to win over new friends than to give them nukes?

2. India needs to lower the cost of energy so it can have even lower wages to steal even more American jobs.

3. Pakistan does not need to be given any help in meeting its energy needs. They can use American flags and Bush rag dolls to burn for heating and energy.

4. Pakistan does not need to be kept happy, it's not like Bin Laden likes them or anything either.

5. It is NEVER enough to have long term threats like Russia and China with their own nuclear weapons in that part of the world. Good things come in threes, so we must help India become a bigger nuclear competitor and threat to us 10 years from now.

6. Clinton got to dance with so many Indian girls, now it is Bush' turn to get some. Damn Pakistanis don't let their girls dance with American Presidents.

7. What's the point of giving economic aid to 150 million Pakistanis when we can buy one dictator Musharraf?

8. Why help Pakistanis create new jobs by giving them free trade status. Who will we show in news videos as a threat to America if all those bearded Pakistanis burning KFC and McDonalds' actually got jobs?

Any more reasons you can think of? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Bush was photographed holding a mango whilst in India - this apparently to celebrate the dubious trade related success of his visit - apparently the US market to date has had no significant market in mangoes but thanks to Dubya it's all about to change...

IMRAN™ said...

Ironically, Pakistani mangoes are better than Indian. :-) But, give a monkey-man President a fruit and watch the manGo.


Anonymous said...

You know the reason why president Bush gave importance to India than pakistan...?
Here are they.
1.India is going to be the world's gratest economic giant in the near future.Why not make friends with them...?
2.But what about paksitan...?Do you really see any pakistani who really want to work hard...?
Do they really have the skills to do any profession..? May be they will bomb others to get virgins when they go to heaven :-).
Why should the American president give a damn about pakistan...?
3.Its not the American job the Indians want to steal.Its Indian brain everyone want to utilize.
4.India had nuclear technology(1974) when pakistanis were hanging in the trees.The technology is purely Indian,not a borrowed one like pakistan(from China).
5.India is a responsible nation which proved the power of people for decades.Its the largest democracy in the world.Look at pakistan.The way the people behave.the priorities of that peole..what would happen if they get the nuclear technology..?I can't imagine the consequesnces.
I hope my blog would get published irrespective of my different perspective from the author.

...A proud Indian.

IMRAN™ said...

Thank you, Naveen, for proving my points. Bush IS an IDIOT for giving nuclear technology to India, a country that will soon be a threat to American geo-political interests in addition to the threat to economic interests it is.

I actually know many more hard working Pakistanis and Muslims than Indians and Hindus, but that may be because of having more energy because they eat good old red meat and real protiens.

Please remember, Muslims in a VERY small minority kept the very large Hindu majority in its place for centuries, until the Brits (and good old fashioned corruption and vice and laziness and intrigue) did them in.

ALL American Presidents (EACH one of them smarter than this idiot Bush, gave more importance to Pakistan. Trust an idiot like Bush to recognize another bunch of like minded people. I do have to and often do give credit to India for being much better at remaining democratic, but that is also because Pakistan has always had a dictator overthrow elected governments when the US needed a one-man show, as right now, in Pakistan, in Egypt and in many other Muslim places. It would be interesting to see if US in the long run will get some Indian General to take power... remember, at their core, aside from religious differences, Pakistan and India suffer from the same problems... poverty (though I know of few places in Pakistan as starvation and poverty ridden as Calcutta), corruption (police, bureaucrats, politicians), excessive "defence" spending, ethnic tensions, states wanting to break away, etc.

As far as Americans wanting to utilize Indian "minds", since it is mostly call-centers you guys are famous for, it shows what kind of brains you offer to the market. ;-) And, watch how Indian outsourcing will dry up if the PRICE of the relatively cheap Indian call center and techie labor starts to go up. It is not your brains, my friend, it is your cheap wages American companies are interested in.

In 1974, I am not sure who was Prime Minister of India, was it that guy who Desai (who encouraged people to drink their own urine every morning)? Even monkeys living in trees do not do that. Yuck. India got most of its military technology from being a member of the socialist club, a friend of the Communist Soviet Union, all the while Pakistan was friends with the USA.

I also encourage you to read newspapers - Pakistan has had nuclear technology since the 70's also, AND is a nuclear power.

Fact of the matter is, within 5-10 years George Bush will be gone but his stupid decisions will still be biting our American butts.


Anonymous said... guys are true patriots..aren't you?? simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that you are an inferior country to India. Being a born-out-of-rape community...pakistan is a nation which was discarded as the garbage can filled with muslim wonder the filth talks highly of the garbage can it is in...some patriotism....

Imran...wait for few of your several brainless terrorists will kill musharaff and your country will be talibanized totally...Even your allah cant save u then...

Jai Hind.....

(Show me u are not chickening out of this by means of publishing my post..)


IMRAN™ said...

Tcch, tcch, Shankar. Your true Hindu extremist colors are showing. Your amusing "post" as you so liberally call it, just had to be approved, so people can see how and what the true, violent, hate-filled Hindu majority thinks of its large Muslim minority. Imagine what they must do to people living in Kashmir.

One can only imagine what Hindu extremists think of smaller minorities like Christians and Parsis. And, your callous comment about rape also shows two things.

One that Hindu mobs did kill people migrating to Pakistan and it appears you are also proudly saying/admitting Hindu killers also raped women. And two it shows what attitudes women have to deal with from your kind - not much better than they would do under Taliban.

At least the scummy Taliban (US financed at that time as most people forget) mostly only caned or flogged women - I do not recall any woman in Afghanistan being BURNED ALIVE just because her Hindu husband died.

I have even less sympathy for the brain-dead AlQaeda types than I have for a dictator like Musharaff. However, Bush basically leaving Musharaff empty handed is nothing short of a death sentence for him as even average Pakistanis will be boldened in getting rid of him. Ironically, Pakistan has NEVER had a religious party in power, unlike India where the BJP came into power and did the same thing to Muslims and mosques that the equally ugly and stupid Taliban did to the Buddha statutes.

Lastly, your lame efforts to claim some sort of superiority (especially over a group that ruled you for several centuries) shows how you still smart from that history AND also proves the point I am making to my fellow Americans.

Watch how India will become a regional threat to US interests after first sucking jobs, then technology and finally influence from the USA. Thank you for helping me explain the problem to America and the world with your "post".


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that you have a very "high" level of comprehension skills..comprehending more than what I actually stated....When I said "products of rape" implies all muslims in Pakistan (erstwhile Bharath..) are either forcibly converted hindus or born to a rape by a muslim invader...this is a fact you cant deny....did I say Hindus raped muslims on their way to pakistan???...Anyway, the intriguing part with pakistanis is, you take pride in such a status of yours...the raped product...and you flaunt it to the world by naming your missiles after the muslim / turk invaders who killed and raped your ancestors....what a pity!!!! are too optmistic when u said that u have "explained the problem" to the US and the world by means of simply replying gibberish to my "post"....:)- Ur site is anxiously viewed by entire of America and world for "breaking news" from it mate??? :)- :)-

(Publish even this post of mine and you can "explain" India to the world and the US even further....)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my comment.
You showed the true color of a Pakistani from your answer.
You guys see every thing from the religious point of view.
Did I mention about religion..?No.
This narrow minded perspective is the attitude which won’t let you grow.
Come out of your closet and look at the world guys...
Second thing never ever compare Pakistan to India. Pakistan is no match for Indian economic and military power.
Hey. Do you want to know the proof of Indian brain..?
Indians are all over the world dominating all the Global Technology companies. No company can thrive without using Indian brain in their technology divisions. This is the fact get over it man. Without Indian brain American technology will be dead.
In U.S Indian kids are the top scorers in Math and Science.
Tell me about a single thing Pakistanis have achieved..?. Nothing, Nada, ZERO.

In 20 years India will become the Global Super Power, Not only the regional power.

Don’t be proud of your Americanism. Americans are not going to accept you till you are “IMRAN”.I mean it. You guys will never ever be accepted into the American main stream.
Look at Europe; I hope you’d know the famous term “PAKI”. Muslim immigrants are living there for decades. Still they are considered as pariahs. They are living like an untouchable cult.
Look at the polls taken in England, only 17% seeing a future in which there is peaceful coexistence between Muslims in Britain.
Read from the link below.

Times Article from UK

The whole world hates you guys. Same thing happens here in U.S also. Main stream America will always look at you as a pariah. May be some cults like ACLU, MoveOn.Org and George Clooney :-) (Who are the real enemies of this country) may support you but soon they will be gone.
Get converted to some other religion, at least you’ll be treated like a human being.


Anonymous said...

Imran, I so love to read your favorable views of our wonderful president George W. Bush. I think it is great that you appreciate him; he is indeed brilliant and a true leader. :)

Anonymous said...

You proved you are a chicken like all your people by not publishing my posts.Why not publish any negative remarks.Then whats the point of your blog if you can publish only positive remarks.Now I can understand why very few people read or comment your blog.Come out of the shell you coward.

IMRAN™ said...

Dear readers, I had to post the comments from this guy Naveen basically proves the point I am making. "Without Indian brain American technology will be dead," shows just a small part of the grand delusions that Hindustan (aka India) has.

As Imran Farooq says, I too have a lot of respect for smart, hardworking, talented Indian Hindus and Muslims who do great things in Amerircan business, as do Chinese, Russian, Czech, German, and many other nations' immigrants. Most of them add value and add jobs in America. Naveen's comment shows the other side - call-center attendants harboring illusions of America being nothing without them. Dangerous. Additionally, one can see the "Fifth Column" mentality of Naveen and his kind when he feels that "my kind" will never be accepted in America. Actually, I have never had a problem being and being accepted as an American, even as an outspoken, US-policy-criticizing Muslim. I am sure there are TENS OF MILLIONS of Hindus who would gladly come to America knowing they would be accepted more as equal human beings here than they are in their own country if Hindustan with its caste system.

But, back to the topic. This next line from his comment basically summarizes my whole argument.... George Bush is giving nuclear technology to a country that, as Naveen says, "In 20 years India will become the Global Super Power, Not only the regional power".

Note his use of "the Globar Super Power" ---- don't say America that we were not warned.


PS I posted his follow up outburst to show what we are dealing with. Naveen, this is a blog, not a newsgroup. I am not under any obligation to post your comments or abusive rants. You are welcome to set up your own blog and post there. I post articles when I have time, not at some schedule to satisfy your rabid needs as you are bitching. And, if my blog is read by so few people then why are you spending so much time coming here to respond. Feel free to spend time building up more of your delusions. America and Americans should celebrate the great Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Polish, German, etc. Immigrants who are proud to be Americans, standing for America. Let's be sure we know who is going to top our list of threats and enemies in 20 years. HINT - it won't only be miitant Muslims.... but India as well.

Anonymous said...

I recently watched the "Humble Opinion" video about bush and his incompotent cronies. I couldn't agree more! I have been wondering how a man like that, who can't even remember which lie he is telling today, got elected. Then I remember what happened with that. But thats another can of worms and I am digressing. Keep up what you are doing! Thank you.

IMRAN™ said...

Thanks for the kind comment. The video podcast/vlog is now being done in its own section and I would love to have you watch regularly.




IMRAN™ said...

No, Chase, I have blasted BUSH for being more short sighted than a snail (with a brain as fast also). India has done great things with democracy because it was NOT in the US circle of influence where the US could make corrupt Generals overthrow elected governments, as the US is used to doing (Iran, Pakistan, etc.). However, long term, India IS an economic threat to the USA and will be a MILITARY threat, at to least to our interests in the region.

Please read the article again. This has nothing to do with "US is bad" "US doesn't do anything for suffering people" type arguments. US sent aid to IRAN when they were hit by an earthquake. Pakistan sent aid to USA when hurricanes struck. Those are not relevant to GIVING INDIA NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY.

It is funny to criticize Pakistan for its lawless areas. Manhattan has lawless areas where cops don't dare go or they will be blasted out of the streets. Most of Pakistan's CURRENT violent regions are where the Pakistani dictator is hunting for Bin Laden and Taliban to make the US happy. So, their reward is they are criticized for the unhappiness there, while India is armed with an ECONOMIC WEAPON (low cost electricity and maybe more material to make military weapons) which it will use to lower costs of business thereby taking MORE American jobs. THAT is the topic of this piece.

Lastly, Bush will never do anything to promote nuclear energy in USA as long as he is in bed with the oil industry. Maybe if one of his brothers starts a nuclear company, or Cheney's daughter or Haliburton does that, all Bush will care about is drilling for oil in pristine Alaska.

America not bad, BUSH bad bad very bad man for the world AND the USA.


Anonymous said...

I think most countries do not want the nuclear technologies in the hands of a muslim.Because they think muslims are so intolerant and capable of doing any thing in the name of God,if given a chance, without any remorse.I think people of America will never accept,if Bush give the nuclear technology to pakistan.
One curious question..?Do Christians enjoy the same privilages in a muslim predominant country as Muslims do in Christian predominant countries..?
Why Islam,pakistan,afghanistan, etc.. are so intolerant..?
Why most people of other religions are simply hating muslims(atleast in their heart)..? This could be one of the reasons America is not willing to give Nuclear technology to pakistan.Or other countries may not want to see nuclear weapons in the hands of a muslim(e.g Iran).Thats why they even ignored the fact N.Korea is more capable than Iran to build one.
Forgive me if I am wrong.

IMRAN™ said...

You sound sincere despite the apparent (either) ignorance or bigotry of your comments. Christians have killed more people in the name of God than all other religions combined. Muslims today (the fanatic ones) are no worse than Christians of yesterday, just more illiterate. They do dumb things because they are stupid and illiterate. Christians did them WITH Education, so they were inherently more evil. As far as nuclear technology to Muslims, Pakistan got the bomb on its own and Bush still loves the dictator there. Saudi, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Pakistani and many other dictators are kept in power by USA --- while claiming to promote Democracy.

Muslims are treated well in America, like hell in Israel and other places... so, there is no single answer. Christians are treated well in some Muslims countries, like hell in others. Ironically, Christian fundamentalist George Bush is best friends with the countries where Christians are screwed or likely to be killed ---- Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan... in other words, Bush is Christians' and democracy's worst enemy.