Monday, March 06, 2006

Why Bush Gave Nuclear Technology To India

President Bush has sided with India and chosen to provide it nuclear technology for several important reasons.

1. India always sides with the Russians in the past, with Iran these days, and against the USA in global forums. How better to win over new friends than to give them nukes?

2. India needs to lower the cost of energy so it can have even lower wages to steal even more American jobs.

3. Pakistan does not need to be given any help in meeting its energy needs. They can use American flags and Bush rag dolls to burn for heating and energy.

4. Pakistan does not need to be kept happy, it's not like Bin Laden likes them or anything either.

5. It is NEVER enough to have long term threats like Russia and China with their own nuclear weapons in that part of the world. Good things come in threes, so we must help India become a bigger nuclear competitor and threat to us 10 years from now.

6. Clinton got to dance with so many Indian girls, now it is Bush' turn to get some. Damn Pakistanis don't let their girls dance with American Presidents.

7. What's the point of giving economic aid to 150 million Pakistanis when we can buy one dictator Musharraf?

8. Why help Pakistanis create new jobs by giving them free trade status. Who will we show in news videos as a threat to America if all those bearded Pakistanis burning KFC and McDonalds' actually got jobs?

Any more reasons you can think of? Let me know.

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