Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And This Is The Good News...?

First the good news. It appears that the Afghanistani court and government will spare the life of an Afghan who converted from Islam to Christianity. I am glad he packed up and got out of there in a hurry, before the so-called defenders of Islam and bloodthirsty illiterate Afghan populace tore him to pieces.

We do not have time to go into the topic of how little progress in real democracy and EDUCATION has been made in Afghanistan under President Bush and his friends in Kabul, and how democracy has taken a backseat in countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, where we keep dictators in power.

Much more importantly, I have been asked by several people about the Islamic legal issue this case was about. Why can Muslims expect others to convert to Islam but threaten to kill Muslims who go the other way.

Quite frankly, like many of the so-called islamic laws that my fellow Muslims shout and scream about, that do not specifically relate to faith in One God, and being better human beings, these rules were set up specifically for circumstances that were applicable 1400 years ago and have no place in society today, American or Islamic.

Back in the earliest days of Islam many heathen Arabs saw Islam as a threat to their political influence and wanted to weaken it. They would announce conversion TO Islam, stay for a short period of time, and then publicly announce they found it useless and were leaving it.

Obviously, the goal for them was to cause potential converts to weaken in their desire for Islam. At that time, the law was made that if you BECAME a Muslim and then left the religion, you could be killed. The idea was to discourage the deliberate fake-converts from damaging the fledgling religion.

That, folks, was 1400 years ago when there were a few hundred Muslims. Today, Islam is 1.3 BILLION people. It is the second largest religion in the world, and the fastest growing one, worldwide and in America. Actually, it would grow even faster, if so many idiotic Muslims would not be blowing themselves and other Muslims up.

So, I tell my fellow Muslims.... wake up, and smell the TNT. We do not need this stone age law to "protect" Islam. What we need to protect Islam from is not the one or one hundred who would convert from Islam to Christianity, but from the thousands of so-called Muslims killing themselves and others around the globe.

And, considering that most of those wanting to kill others are the worst examples of Muslims, who produce or sell drugs, smuggle weapons, steal poperty from others, even build mosques on stolen land.... I think we would be hard pressed to find a single perfect Muslim who is worthy of telling someone else that they are not good Muslims.

Another interesting news item just came across the wire. As you know, Zaccharias Moussavi, the self-admitted member of Al-Qaeda is on trial for the 9/11 conspiracy.

It is quite shameful that despite almost 5 years going by, he is the ONLY person our government has been able to find to prosecute.

While our President hugs and kisses the King of Saudi Arabia, from where 17 out of 19 hijackers came, we have lost 2400 more American lives and more than 100,000 Iraqis are dead, because George W. Bush started an illegal war based on lies, that only enriched Haliburton and Dick Cheney's friends.

Putting that aside, even in Moussavi's trial the Justice department lawyers have been caught breaking the law, lying and cheating making our system of justice look like a joke to the world.

The only saving grace is that this guy Moussavi seems hell-bent on dying. First he said he had nothing to do with 9/11, and now he says he was part of the plan to fly a fifth plane into a building. You know what, that is enough of a fair trial as far as I am concerned.

If the guy insists he was part of the 9/11 conspiracy, let's be done with it. Let's put him in front of a firing squad and let's get busy forcing Bush his neo-con cronies to get us out of Iraq and hunting for the real killer, of 9/11, Bin Laden and his team.

The third news item that caught my eyes is the WORSENING situation in Iraq.

Literally 3 years ago I was on Fox News Channel's The O'reilly Factor, and when I said US troops would be stuck there for YEARS, the host was surprised I would think that. Now President Bush has said it is even worse than that .... and FUTURE PRESIDENTS may have to decide when to get out of Iraq.... we will discuss that in a future episode of In My Humble Opinion... this is Imran Anwar, signing off.


Unknown said...

Interesting blog you have here. Thanks for visiting mine. :)

Anonymous said...

People around the world are breathing a sigh of relief with the news that the possible execution of confessed Afghani Christian Abdul Rahman has been solved and he will now be free to return to his life. Most people also believe this is an isolated incident.

Mr. Rahman is like a snowflake in a blast furnace—he has no chance of survival in Afghanistan. If Mr. Rahman is not escorted out of Afghanistan by heavily armed American Marine bodyguards, he probably will not live 24 hours after being released from jail for his “horrible” crime. If this courageous gentleman is not given safe-haven away from Muslims, his life is over. Islam will not allow him to live as a Christian. Muslims that were his friends for years, will tear him apart in their rage, fomented by Islamic leaders who have ordered his assassination. Allah must have his ration of blood.

"Rejecting Islam is insulting God. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die," said cleric Abdul Raoulf. "The government is playing games. The people will not be fooled." Raoulf went on to tell the Associated Press reporter, "We will call on the people to pull him into pieces so there's nothing left."

Sharia law is very clear on the matter. Allah stated emphatically through Mohammed: “Whoever changes his religion, kill him.”

Frantically, the Afghani government tried to find a way to salvage Islam’s reputation by declaring this man “insane” and thus couldn’t be charged with any crime under Islamic law. Why would Mr. Rahman be considered insane? He dared to abandon Islam and turned to Christianity. In the mind of Muslims, this would be proof that he is insane. No sane person would commit such a horrible crime. The “insane” person is given three days to reconsider and remain Muslim. If he refuses, he is killed.

Of course, this insanity defense was not successful but yet another bloodthirsty aspect of Islam has been exposed to the world. Will the West realize that Islam has been hanging people since the days of Mohammed for the crime of escaping Islam? This is not new. The Quran demands it.

Then the Afghan government remembered that it had freedom of religion in its new constitution—sort of. Anything written in the Afghani constitution means nothing because Islamic law is always supreme. There are no exceptions.

Listening to many of the talking heads on television, one would believe that this behavior within Islam is new or only found in backwards Islamic countries. This simply isn’t true. Far left websites are blaming this barbaric behavior on Bush. The leftists seem to think that somehow, American “aggression” against Muslims has suddenly turned them into bloodthirsty and intolerant people. If not for the evil West, Islam would be peaceful and loving to all.

After all the free world has learned about the inner-workings of Islam, it still doesn’t get it. What the world is witnessing in Afghanistan IS Islam. Islam is the only known “religion” that orders a death sentence for anyone who dares to break the chains of domination and believe in any God other than Allah.

The God of Islam, Allah, is not the God of the rest of the world. One can use the terms Islam and Allah interchangeably. America, indeed the free world, must understand this about Islam if there is to be any chance of defeating this enemy.

Muslim scholars state that to leave Islam is an insult to Allah. If the God of the Jews and the God of the Christians is the same as the God as the Muslims, how then, could God be insulted as long as one continued to believe and worship the one true God? Leaving Islam is not an insult to God; it is an insult to Islam. It is an insult to their God, Allah, who demands that all living beings believe only in Islam…or is it Allah? It is very easy to confuse the two.

If there is not submission to Islam, there will death at the hands of Islam. This is the way Islam has been since Mohammed walked the earth and it remains that way today. For many Muslims, it is not devotion to Islam or Allah that keeps them going to mosque, it is fear.

The clerics and imams have been carefully schooled to maintain this fear and control over the followers. They know how to speak to crowds of men that are easily moved to near insanity and in this state of mind a raging mob will carry out any order that is given to them.
If this poor man, Abdul Rahman, is torn to pieces by the raging followers of the loving and peaceful “Allah” of Islam and dies for his belief in Christ as the Son of God, it would be almost romantic to call him a modern-day martyr. But Mr. Rahman is only one of many these days who are dying because they don’t believe in Allah. These people believe in a kind and loving God, not the bloodthirsty god of Islam. They die in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia and Sudan. Christians and Jews are martyred nearly on a daily basis somewhere in the world.

Betrayed by his Judas wife, Mr. Rahman is a Christian in a sea of hateful and angry Muslims. No one knows better than he the fate that awaits him. His courage is similar to another man who abandoned the faith of his birth and believed in a new beginning for mankind. There are many Muslims like Mr. Rahman in this world. There will be more as the hate and intolerance that is Islam becomes unbearable. There will come a day when the fear will not be enough to hold them. Mr. Rahman is just the most visible for now. This brave soul will leave the jail with his head held high. Mr. Rahman states he has no fear. He stated: "The punishment by hanging? I will accept it gladly, but I am not an infidel. I am not a traitor. I am a follower of Jesus." One man may die for his religion and others will kill him because their religion demands it. In today’s world, it is not hard to identify which religion is which.

IMRAN™ said...

Sorry, folks, I had to post this Anonymous person's comment. I found it amusing. People can learn to write but obviously thinking AND writing at the same time are difficult for people like this. :-) Bad mouthing Islam while defending Christianity - the religion that would kill people for believing the earth revolved around the sun, for having scientific beliefs, the religion that killed MORE people than ALL the other religions COMBINED.... It is also funny to see the person "paraphrasing" his (lack of) understanding of 1400 year old Muslim laws and writing them out as if those are real. As I said, the post amused me so I published it above.


IMRAN™ said...

And I wanted to add this here from

1) In Leviticus 25:44-46, the Lord tells the Israelites it's OK to own slaves, provided they are strangers or heathens.

2) In Samuel 15:2-3, the Lord orders Saul to kill all the Amalekite men, women and infants.

3) In Exodus 15:3, the Bible tells us the Lord is a man of war.

4) In Numbers 31, the Lord tells Moses to kill all the Midianites, sparing only the virgins.

5) In Deuteronomy 13:6-16, the Lord instructs Israel to kill anyone who worships a different god or who worships the Lord differently.

6) In Mark 7:9, Jesus is critical of the Jews for not killing their disobedient children as prescribed by Old Testament law.

7) In Luke 19:22-27, Jesus orders killed anyone who refuses to be ruled by him.


An evil violent religion, this Christianity, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Howdy Imran- I think the last verse on The quote from Luke 19 is taken out of context. For the love of God, I wish I could remember what my pastor said that morning she explained. The text of ten mina conveys, for me, the idea to take your gift(s), and multiply them. Think optimization of resources. No evil here, huh? I really don't believe Jesus wanted to have anyone killed, I think he was being rhetorical.

Just sign me- one of your lunch companions....

IMRAN™ said...

I love LIVely conversations, and discussions. Thanks for the comment.