Sunday, December 02, 2012

NetFlix CEO Makes Dubious Analogies On Cloud Computing

I read a magazine article titled "Netflix CEO likens cloud computing to early coding era".

That is quite a dubious, if not totally strange, analogy. Probably the same kind of logic led him to increase DVD by mail prices 60% (and lose me as customer among another million), try to create a new company to mail vs. stream, then fold it, and other such poor judgement calls.

If anything, one can argue that the stage today's cloud is in can be analogous either to rudimentary web site applications accessed over dialup with floppy disks to store data locally. 

Cloud Computing is changing (and benefiting from developments in) storage, network, compute and accessibility. As these continue to develop, as more innovation takes place in these areas, cloud will benefit, further driving innovation in those industries. 

What do you think?

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